Wednesday, February 18, 2015

5000 View Special!

 Hi my dearest readers! This view special isn't like the others, as I felt 5,000 was a extra special milestone. So unlike the 3k and 1k specials, it's not going to be a cute parallel world or just some happy future, it's a thank you to all of you readers.
I love you all! Seeing people reading makes me just so happy and the comments are wonderful too. And I know, it was a little rough around the edges in the beginning but Whispers In The Walls has evolved beyond what I had expected. Sure, 5k total views might not seem like a lot to most, but it is to me and you readers out there mean the world to me!
And sure, some characters may not be your favorite or there may be some that you barely remember exist but that's cool, I forget about Axel all the time. (sorry love) Some of them were spur of the moment decisions or some never even made their way into photos. A few friends inspired certain characters actions but I also influenced the feedback I got from the lovely comments.
 Honestly I didn't expect many of you to stick around and keep reading. But you all did. Maybe it's cause Blu is super hot or you like a good(?) love story. Either way thanks for stickin' along for this weirdly amazing ride. 
 But the biggest thanks is for putting up with me. I mean, am I ever gonna let these two live happily? Maybe, a strong maybe. Hell, I let you guys decide how their story ends! Was that a good idea on my behalf? Possibly not, because I've already begun planning the next adventure. Yet those starring in said adventure haven't even been born yet.

Oh goodness I'm rambling and starting to get all emotional. Really though, thank you. Thank you all so much for giving me the spirit to keep writing and keep destroying an adorable couple <3

And special thanks to Kat, for letting me blackmail her into reading simply so I could tell her all my dastardly plans for the future and of course, make sure I wasn't about to write something horrendously stupid.

Thanks for putting up with me ya'll. Till next time <3

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