Monday, March 23, 2015

Chapter Thirty-Nine

I dropped my sunglasses by the front door, kicking it shut behind me. Edalyn had introduced me to some of the other expecting  and new mothers she knew, so I spent the day at the beach with them. Of course I was the youngest but they were all still nice. There was Elayna Marie; who was expecting her fourth child with her wife, Hana; who already had an eight year old and a toddler, Angela; who was pregnant with her first kid, and Alexa; the shifter I ran into. I met her boyfriend again when he dropped her off and he had a weird look on his face when he saw me. Like a mixture of fear and respect. I shrugged off his behavior though, Alexa and I were already becoming close friends.

I yawned as I left my bag on the stair railing. Giggling and soft voices came from the kitchen. I stepped through the archway, spotting Scarlett kissing some guy up against the counter. Her eye caught mine and she pulled away.

 "Oh there you are!" She chirped. I suddenly felt very awkward in nothing more than shorts, a bikini top, and cover up. The guy she was with whispered something and she glanced back at him.
"I totally forgot to tell you today was the day. This is my boyfriend-" She started, her partner turned around.

I dropped my keys with a scream.

 It was him. The dreadlocks were gone but I knew, I knew that face. My eyes locked onto Scarlett's neck and it all made sense. The ankh, they both wore it. Koran's expression changed in the blink of an eye; he looked furious.
"You. How are you alive?!" He spat, shaking off Scarlett's hand. I backed up against the wall as he advanced closer. My heart slammed against my chest and I was dead sure he could hear it.
"Kor, what are you talking about?" Scarlett asked.
"Answer me." He snarled, ignoring his partner. I shrunk closer to the wall.
"I-" I'd blocked out Reece's voice weeks ago, but in this moment of terror I smashed down the wall and hoped he'd hear.
"You dirty little rat." He hissed. My necklace burned and I remembered another time like this.
"Daminier was right." He whispered to himself while he looked at my hair. That name. That voice. My eyes widened, this was the man that was sent to kill me.
"I-I please...I'm sorry." I could hardly speak. "I'll just be g-going."
"No, you won't little mouse." His raspy voice sent chills along my spine. "You're very frightened right now." He put his lips near my neck.
"Your heart is racing."
"L-let me go." I tried to push him off of me. "I'll scream."
"Remember this," His eyes glittered. "I'm watching you Vivienne."
"Koran! Don't hurt her, she's pregnant for God's sake!" Scarlett yelled, yanking me out of my memories. Oh God, I thought, he's going to kill me.
 "What?!" His eyes blazed. Koran's hand slammed into the wall beside my neck. His eyes traveled down to my stomach. He grabbed my right arm tightly, I cried out.
"Well not only are you not dead but you're knocked up. So, who'd you cheat on Reecey with?" Koran growled. I shook my head.
"God dammit." He snapped. "God fucking dammit. You've caused me a hell of a lot of trouble with my father, but I'll end this quickly."
"Koran!" Scarlett cried. As he turned to face her I took the opportunity to escape; I ripped myself out of his grip and ran. I nearly threw myself up the stairs and into my bedroom, locking the door behind me. I backed up and slid down onto the ground.
 I could barely breath my heart was beating so fast, but I wasn't crying. I was too scared. Scarlett's voice carried up the stairs and through the door.
"What the hell was that?!" She screamed.
"Nothing you need to concern yourself with."
"Oh but I think it is! You just threatened to kill a teenager! She's pregnant too, are you insane?" Scarlett was loosing it.
"Don't you dare 'babe' me! Get out! I'll talk to you once this is over." She shouted, slamming the door. I exhaled shakily. He knows I'm alive. He knows. I was slowly slipping into hysteria, I started to cry. I cried for Reece in my head, ignoring everything Blu had told me. I needed him. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and hesitating at my door.
 "Vinnie, he's gone." Scarlett said softly. I didn't respond. She sighed.
"Please tell me what happened." She said. I shook my head, fully knowing that she couldn't see me. But I couldn't bring myself to speak. If I said anything or opened the door he could be there; ready to kill me and my babies.
"I just don't understand what would make him say those horrible things." She sighed. 
"You don't have to open the door, but please just tell me." Scarlett demanded. 
"Okay." I murmured. I could hear her sitting down on the opposite side of the door.
"It's strange, we've been living together for months but I barely know you."
"Well..." I spilled everything, forcing myself to hold it together at the parts with Reece. She was stunned.
"That...doesn't explain Koran." 
"He's Re- his uncle. He doesn't want human and vampire blood to mix. And there's this prophecy. Reece's father didn't want it to come true so they've been trying to kill me since I was twelve. Although they only re-noticed me when I started dating Reece. That's when I was kidnapped." I explained. Scarlett was silent; my life was a lot to take in.
"Well you can't stay here." She said suddenly. My heart dropped.
"It's not safe, I want you to go stay with Alexa until Koran leaves town. I can tell him you headed out for Twinbrook." Scarlett said. I sighed.
"Thank you." 
"Don't worry, I won't let anyone hurt you or those little ones got it?" Scarlett said, her voice full of determination.
"Got it." I said weakly.


  1. Oooooooh she needs to run, like, NOW!! Koran seems a bit crazed... And doesn't seem too bothered about killing an unborn child... She better escape soon!! :O


  2. I keep forgetting how much i love this story and all it's twists and turns. All the scenes with Vinnie's life being put in danger continuously make my heart race! Keep up the awesome work! <3