Sunday, February 15, 2015

Chapter Thirty-Eight

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"So where did you say we were going today?" I asked, picking at my sweater. Reece's sweater actually, I'd never given it back to him. Edalyn pulled out of the driveway and turned down the street.
"I'm taking you to work with me." She said. I took notice of her scrubs. "You still have yet to have a check-up for the little one."
"Oh, yeah." I glanced out the window at the ocean. "Are you a pediatrician?"
"Not exactly, I help at a practice for children and pregnant women." Edalyn quickly glanced at my stomach. "Those who are supernatural that is." My heart skipped a beat and I turned to look at her.
"Supernatural? Like werewolves? Those don't exist Edalyn." I lied.
"Don't play it off Vinnie I know you're something. And I know your baby is half you half vamp." She smiled. I didn't.
" do you know?" I asked.
"Well aside from the obvious signs of you hair, eyes, and necklace; one of my ancestors was a witch and I got just a teeny bit of that." Edalyn explained, turning another corner. I sat in a stunned silence. So much for lying through half my life. Without taking her eyes off the road she rubbed my shoulder reassuring me.

"That's why we took you in in the first place. I knew you were a supernatural and pregnant with one so I knew I had to help you." Edalyn withdrew her hand.
"What about Scarlett?" I asked suddenly.
"She doesn't know. I mean, she knows what kind of doctor I am, just not what kind of patients I have. If you get what I mean." She shrugged. Something still bugged me about Scarlett, not her personality just something felt off. We sat in silence for the next hour and a half until we reached the practice.
"Alright, come on." Edalyn said, killing the engine. We both got out of the car. She clipped a badge onto her pocket and headed up to the front doors. I lagged a little behind, my heart pounding with nerves. Edalyn pulled open the door.
"Don't be so nervous, it's gonna be fine." She smiled again. I smiled back but it didn't reach my eyes.
I stepped inside and was surprised to see how crowded it was. Couples and families clustered in the small waiting area, only a few able to fit on the couches.
"Morning Bonnie." Edalyn said to a young woman at the front desk. She looked up with a tired smile. Her black hair was brushed over one shoulder and she had the strangest white tattoos on both arms.
"Just in time. Mayli might need you." She gestured with a pen to a nurse talking with a couple, more like being talked to. I followed Edalyn over.
"Really Miss, everything is healthy and fine." Mayli, the nurse was saying to the woman.
"How is everything fine? It's going to be half shifter half vampire, I don't-" The young woman was saying hurriedly. Her bright gold eyes glowed and her partner was pale with glowing eyes as well. I assumed he was the vampire but I didn't know what she was.
"Alexa, calm down." Her partner said.
"Can't we see the doctor?" Alexa pleaded. The fairy sighed. Edalyn took her chance to step in.
"Ms. Morris, Mr. Metera." She said with a smile. Mayli took an immediate step back, letting her superior step in. I tried not to stare too much at her wings.
"We're just a little...concerned." Her partner said smoothly, taking his worried girlfriend's hand.
"Of course of course. But really Alexa, there's nothing to worry about." Edalyn addressed her softly. "Are you sure, but Tony and I-"
"Positive. Raising a mixed child will be the same as either of your species, just with aspects of both. Get lots of rest and call with any questions. And of course, come back for a check up monthly since you're a special case." Edalyn handled the woman's stress with ease. The couple exchanged a glance. 
"Thank you very much." Tony squeezed his partners hand. His silver eyes flitted to me for a moment and he blinked with surprise. He almost said something to me but his girlfriend tugged on his hand. Regaining his composure he led Alexa out of the practice.
"You have perfect timing Ed." Mayli said, her voice high and musical. I took immediate notice of her white hair, but unlike mine it had pink in it, which may or may not have been natural.

"I'm going to go set up the room, Vinnie. Mayli would you send her in when I'm ready?" Without waiting for an answer Edalyn turned and headed into a room behind the front desk.
"Hiya." She said perkily.
"Hi." I tugged at the sleeves of Reece's sweater. The room was abuzz with noise and activity.
"I'm guessing this is your first appointment huh?" Mayli asked, tilting her head to the side. I nodded, feeling the eyes of everyone in the room.
"Oh don't worry too much. You'll be just fine, everyone who comes in here is in your same situation." She chirped. I really doubt that, I thought bitterly. Mayli glanced at the clock on the wall and I couldn't help but stare at her wings in interest.
"Oh! Silly me, everything should be ready now. Head on into that room." Mayli pointed to the door behind the front desk.
With a nervous smile I headed to the small room. Inside Edalyn was tapping away at a computer, a hospital gown was folded neatly on the dresser. 


"So?" I asked, trying to get a look at the screen. Edalyn smiled.
"Everything is perfectly fine." She said. "No problems at all." I sighed in relief, all my worrying for nothing. I leaned back, thinking of Reece.
"Would you like to know the gender?" Edalyn swiveled in her chair to face me.
"Oh uh..." Why have more surprises in my life? I thought. "Sure."
"Alright." She turned back to the computer and paused, her face changing.
"What is something wrong?" I asked frantically.
"No no, well silly me, I mean genders." Edalyn laughed lightly. I sat up fast.
"You're having twins!" She grinned widely. My heart skipped a couple beats. So much for no more surprises. Not only was I going to be a single mother, but a single mother to twins?!
"You still want to know the genders?" Edalyn asked gently. 
"I- yes. I do." I dug my nails into my palm to stop my voice from shaking.
"It's looks like you're having a boy and..."
Oh god, twin boys?! I could hardly handle a boyfriend.
"A girl!" She squealed. I sighed in visible relief. But the worry quickly returned to my head. I didn't know the first thing about raising kids, let alone half-vampire kids! 

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