Sunday, November 3, 2013

Chapter Twenty-Six

"Bye Lauri, I'm going out for a bit." I called. It's been two weeks since the party, my scars have healed and I've begun to think more and more about what Blu had said to me. I had never put much thought into my family history, my parents never told me anything, so I figured the library was the best place to start digging.
As soon as I arrived I turned on one of the prehistoric computers. The city kept an ancestry website to keep track of all of it's citizens, why they have this, I don't know. I typed in my surname 'Matthews' and waited for the page to load. My parent's images jumped up almost instantly and I watched as a huge tree snaked it's way up from them. But I never showed up. I glanced through the images of all of my family members, I shared no characteristics with any of them. No striking green eyes, no white hair, no pale skin. I turned off the computer, suddenly thinking of a better source.


 "Yeah I'm pretty sure Axel's parent's have your parent's old things. Diaries, letters, you name it." Kaya said, suppressing a yawn. "You need this why?"
"Just...curious." I lied. Kaya shrugged and led me to the study, pushing open the large wood doors I stepped in.
"I'm gonna go back upstairs and get dressed and...whatever." She said, slipping out the door and leaving me in peace and quiet. There were boxes shoved into the corner labeled "MATTHEWS", I grabbed the first few boxes and began my search.

My mother's diary was the first thing I saw, I immediately flipped to the beginning and saw the date: December 16, 1985...

    "You came." I whispered, pressing my face into the back of David's jacket. He inhaled sharply at my touch and turned to face me.
"Maddie, we can't do this, I'm 22 for crying out loud." He sighed, his breath visible in the cold.
"I'm almost 18!" I cried defensively.
"Yes, emphasis on 'almost'. Why can't you just find some boy your age." Hot, angry tears splashed down my cheeks.
"I don't want some boy my age! I want you! I-I've saved myself for you. Not anyone else?" I sobbed into his chest. True, I am only seventeen, but I loved him. His finger found my chin and lifted it so he could stare into my eyes.
"Do you really want me to be the one?" He asked. I nodded and grabbed his hand.
"Yes. You...tonight." His eyes widened slightly but he leaned down and placed his warm lips on mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he lifted me off the ground, carrying me to my bedroom. I slipped out of my clothes, feeling slightly self-conscious, I'd never undressed in front of a boy before. David nodded and smiled, holding out his arms. I straddled his lap and continued kissing him, the intimacy growing each minute.
   I didn't care that I was seventeen and he was twenty-two, all that mattered was that we were together.

I couldn't help but smile as I flipped to another page, feeling tears pricking at my eyes.
January 8, 1986

David and I are finally married. It was in the backyard of my childhood home and snow fell around us while we said our vows. Although I didn't wear heels, I felt beautiful and completely amazing with David.

I skipped ahead a few years, hoping to see a mention of me. Just reading the words that my mother wrote made me feel somewhat better, though not entirely.

October 5, 1992

 The ride home from the hospital was hauntingly silent. The moment we reached the house I collapsed on the couch and sobbed for two hours. What's wrong with me? This baby was supposed to be the finishing touch to our family, and....and I ruined it. David said it wasn't my fault, but I know it is. I carried it. I nurtured it. I failed as a mother. I guess we could adopt, but I am going to try and convince David to try again. Just one more time.

I flipped ahead even further and spotted my birthdate.
October 25, 1995

 Around 10:00 at night, David and I were watching TV, when a loud bang sounded outside our front door. I screamed into a pillow and David went to investigate.
"Maddie! Jesus Christ! Get down here!" I raced down the stairs and outside, imagining there to be a dead body, but I saw David, holding a baby girl.
 "Read that note." David instructed as he held up the baby. I looked down at the note.

Dear Maddison & David,
 You do not know me or my child, but she is in a desperate need of a home. I cannot take care of her for I will be dead soon. Do not worry about me. Here is all you need to know about my beautiful daughter, Her name is Vivienne and she will need immense protection. Our family is...special. In her future two men will come for her. DO NOT no matter what let them take her. They WILL kill her. Please, love and nurture her as though she were your own. Do not tell her that she isn't your own, she must believe that she is yours.
 Thank you.

"David." I said.
"Hm?" David cuddled the baby and she giggled.
"We have a baby." I smiled, walking over.

October 25, 1999

 "Happy birthday sweetie." Vinnie smiled up at me, her shock of white hair still confused me, but we loved her anyway. She was a true blessing, some days I think about her real mother and father and wonder if she has siblings or what her life would be like without us. But all that matters is that she is my darling daughter.

I dropped the diary, my hands shaking and tears spilling over. My parent's weren't...real. They weren't mine. Everything, everything was a lie. I cried out and sobbed into my hands. Who am I?! Who are my parents?! Who are these people who raised me.
I hunched over, my breaths were shallow and my throat hurt but I couldn't stop. With a scream I threw the diary away and hugged my knees to my chest, falling into hysterics. All these years...NO ONE ever told me. Not Mom. Not Dad. Not Lauri. Hell, they aren't my mom and dad, Lauri isn't my goddamn aunt! A hand touched my should and I shrunk away. The hand moved to my chin, pulling me up to face someone.
"Vinnie, what's wrong?" Reece sat in front of me, his gold eyes filled with concern. My voice wobbled.
"I-I-everything is a lie!" I cried, fresh tears spilling out. I thrust my arms out and pulled him close, crying into his t-shirt. He wrapped an arm around my back and held my head to him with his other hand.
"Why...why didn't they tell me?!" I sobbed quietly. Reece said nothing, he just held on and kissed the top of my head. I felt the necklace sting my skin slightly as a voice drifted into my thoughts.
"Thank you Harold, I just had no space for their old things."
"Don't worry Lauri, it must be hard." 
I squeezed Reece tighter.
"Shut up! Make them shut up!" I nearly screamed.
"Calm down Vin, just focus on me okay? I'm here." Reece said softly.
The question still lingered in my mind:

Who am I?


  1. Reece is so sweet. I wonder though why she is still wearing the necklace if it stings her.

  2. Poor Vinnie. I felt sorry for her finding out such a big revelation out about herself that way :(