Sunday, October 6, 2013

Chapter Twenty-Five

I stirred slightly, keeping my eyes closed but slowly waking up. Reece breathed quietly beside me, I felt his skin beneath my hand.
I wiped my eyes and sat up halfway, Reece's hand slipping off my shoulder. Blinking as sunlight streamed into the room I sat up. I looked down at Reece then down at myself. All of last night's activities came tumbling back into my mind.
Oh shit.


I crawled off the bed and over to the dresser. My dress, shoes, and necklace lay in a pile beside the bed. I pulled the draws open as quietly as I could, and pulled out an old sweater of Reece's. I slipped it on, inhaling his scent.
Feeling a small rumble in my stomach I decided to look for the kitchen. If they had one. Did Reece eat? Shaking the thoughts away I pushed the door open into the living room.
"So you're sure?" A voice drifted out of the..bookcase. I stopped and moved forward, curiosity getting the best of me.
"Yes brother, Vivienne is most definitely dead." I froze at the mention of my name. My heart began to pound. It couldn't be.
I looked through a small gap in the bookshelf.
"Thank God, we don't have to worry about that silly prophecy." The unknown man said. Prophecy?!
"What was it again?" Koran asked lazily.
"What the prophecy? It was
Black and White
Green and Gold
Different as Night and Day
But when brought together,
Will combine the
Night Children and the Mortals.
Bloodlines will be lost."
The man who I guessed was Reece's father said. My stomach dropped.
"Well it's damn good that she's dead. How'd you even figure out it was her?" Koran walked over to stare out the window.
"Reece told me about some girl he was infatuated with. Then he showed me a picture. The white hair next to Reece's black. Not to mention the eyes." He explained. Koran turned back with a sneer. "Honestly I didn't expect Rohan's daughter to get involved, but then again she is his daughter."
"That girl was a piece of work that's for sure."
"So how is the boy?" Koran asked.
"I don't know. He's had that warlock friend of his enchant his door so I couldn't hear inside. Thankfully I had that boy's father do the same to my office. Not sure how well it works."
I didn't listen anymore. They think I'm dead?! And there's a prophecy?! I stepped forward uneasily before making a break for the door, and Reece's bedroom.
I threw open the door and slipped back inside. Looking around Reece was no where in sight. I let out a shaky breath, do I tell him? A pair of arms wrapped around my waist and tickled my sides.
"Gotcha!" Reece's warm breath on my neck made me shiver.
"Ack! Let go!" I laughed, swatting at his hands. I turned around in his arms and wrapped mine around him.
"That sweater looks much better on you." He said, touching his nose to mine. I couldn't help but smile.Staring into the gold of his eyes I couldn't help but think of the prophecy that his father had mentioned. Since I'm not dead does that mean, it will come true?
"Whatcha thinking about?" Reece murmured.
"Nothing." I lied. "I should probably be getting home. You know how Lauri is." Walking over to the pile of my things I pulled my dress on underneath his sweater and headed towards the door. Reece followed.
"Just...let me know when you get home." He said, kissing me softly. I nodded and closed the door behind me.
And then I ran like hell.


  1. Eek! I think she should have told Reece.

  2. The prophecy sound ominous. Yikes.

  3. Well.... They think she's dead so maybe she's safe for now I guess...