Thursday, December 19, 2013

Chapter Twenty-Seven

"You know what I haven't thought about in awhile?" I said from my spot on the couch. It was Friday night and the three of us had gathered for a girls night.
"What? Or who?" Lauri asked, her blue eyes glued to the screen.
"That bitch." Kaya grumbled.
"I mean, we had our whole lives together and she just threw it all away to be popular with Maria." 
"What...what do you think she would say if she heard know." Kaya mumbled as she pulled her knees closer.
"I don't-" I sat up suddenly.
I wrapped an arm around my stomach and slapped my hand over my mouth. My stomach churned and I scrambled off the couch. Lauri and Kaya watched as I tripped over my feet rushing to the bathroom.
"Vinnie?" Lauri called as I shut the door behind me.
After emptying the small contents of my stomach I propped myself up on the rim of the toilet, arms shaking. Kaya banged on the door.
"Vinnie are you okay?" 
"Uh yeah. Must have caught something from someone." I called weakly. I moved away from the toilet and sat against the wall, breathing heavy.
It felt like someone was punching my stomach repeatedly. I ran a hand through my hair, white strands twisting around my pale fingers. Lauri shouted something through the door but her voice felt so distant. The tiles beneath my feet sent shivers up my legs and I shakily stood up.
I opened the door to two serious faces.
"Jesus Christ Vinnie, you look like hell." Lauri exclaimed, looking me up and down.
"Maybe you should lie down." Kaya said worriedly. I sighed and stumbled over to the couch.
"I'm fine," I lied. "Must be some 24 hour bug." I let Kaya and Lauri fuss over me for a few minutes before shooing them away.
I pretended to be asleep, listening to their conversation on the back patio.
"Lauri what's wrong with her?"
"I don't know! I highly doubt she has a 24 hour thing, the only people she's been around for weeks is you, me, your boyfriend, and-"
"Reece." Kaya gasped. "You don't think?!"
"No she...she wouldn't. She isn't."
"I don't know, it all adds up."
"Oh my god. Look just, be normal around her okay?"
"Alright." The door slid open and they stepped inside.
"Get some sleep." Lauri whispered. I couldn't believe what I had just heard. They think I'm pregnant! Do they really have that little faith in me?


The next morning I put myself back together. Threw on a dress, tights, and a hat. Lauri had caught the first train into Twinbrook for a family problem and Kaya was spending the day with Axel, so I was finally alone. Just as I left my room there was a rapid knock on the door.
"Coming." I groaned.
 The second I opened the door Reece threw himself against me, kissing me fiercely. I pushed him off gently, his gold eyes searched my face worriedly.
"Well hi." I gasped.
"Are you okay?" He sputtered. His hand brushed a stray hair away from my eyes. I grabbed his wrist and lowered his hand.
"I'm fine." I reassured him. Reece sighed and leaned his back against the door, running a tired hand through his hair.
 "Calm down, I don't need saving every ten minutes." I joked with a smile, sliding my hands around his waist. His eyes narrowed for a moment before his expression relaxed and he pulled me closer.
"I know, I know." He sighed, placing a gentler kiss on my lips.
"Wanna move over to the couch?" I murmured.
"Yes." His breath mixed with mine as he lifted me off the ground.
I kissed him again in agreement as he stepped toward the couch, lowering me down to my knees.
"I've missed you." He said between kisses. I closed my eyes and pulled him closer, I didn't want to talk about the weeks earlier events. Reece moved his lips down my jaw to my neck and I slid off the couch, I felt his fingers tense at my waist. Instead of the kiss I was expecting, a hot pain slid into my neck.
"Reece..?" I said, not hiding the fear in my voice. He didn't respond. The pain grew slightly worse and I tried to push him away, but he was too strong.
"Reece!" I felt blood dribble down my neck, I'd never seen this side of Reece. His grip tightened, crushing my body against his. 
"Reece! Stop, you're hurting me!" I screamed, pushing against him. My cry seemed to snap him out of it and he let go, I dropped to the ground.
"Oh my God. Oh my God!" I cried, holding a hand against the bite. Reece fell to my side, his hand hovering by shoulder.
"Vinnie, I'm so sorry! Oh my God, I just....I just bit you!" I looked up through tears at his face, watching as streams of red faded out of his eyes. I jumped back and kicked him away.
"Get away from me!" Reece stood up in shock, a stream of blood my drying on his mouth.
"Vinnie I didn't mean-"
"Get OUT of here!" I shrieked. When I looked back up at him he was gone, I pulled my hand away from my neck.
It came away dark red. I closed my eyes, exhaling heavily. The bite itself was shallow but my neck was smeared with blood. I hurried to the bathroom to clean up before anyone got home.

I couldn't get the image of Reece's eyes out of my head.