Thursday, July 4, 2013

Chapter Thirteen

 I was on the ground. I could feel hardwood floors beneath me. Am I at home?
I pulled myself halfway up and wiped my eyes. Is this some kind of cell? The walls were stone and the only door I could see was barred shut. In a flash the door swung opened and something yanked me to my knees.
"Get up you worthless human." Maria's nails dug into my skin. I cringed away from her. Help. Reece! I hoped our connection worked that way.
She hauled me off the ground and threw me at the wall.
"What do you want?!"
"I want Reece what do you think?" Maria growled. "And you're gonna give him to me."
"He loves me-"
Her knee connected with my stomach and I doubled over in pain. Maria pulled me back up and sent her fist towards my jaw.
My head smacked against the stone and everything slowly faded into black.
I woke up with a start and instantly started coughing. Blood spattered onto the stones beneath. Now I really was in a cell. 
"The princess is awake." That voice. Not again.
He sat outside my cage on a wooden bench, a can of something beside him. I stood up.
"You know, if you're gonna stalk me the least you could do is tell me your name." I muttered.
"Koran. Koran Hawkwood." He grinned creepily. "And you, are Vivienne Matthews. Only daughter to Maddison and Howard Matthews, not many friends, you go by Vinnie, and Reece is, for some reason, very obviously in love with you."
He knew all that?!
"Yes, I did." He kicked a rock with the tip of his shoe. "And yes, I can read your silly little human mind."
"What does she even want with me?" I asked, leaning against the rusty bars.
"I don't know," He scratched his leg. "Kill you, tortue you. Something along those lines." Koran shrugged.
"So she's being a total bitch and is going to kill me because I-" I tried to hide my true fear. 
"Stole Reece." He finished. "Petty things that girl desires."
A silver pistol sat in his lap. In the blink of an eye he was up at the bars pointing it at my chest.
"Now sweetie, I hope that you have no doubt in your mind that I would easily kill you." Koran snarled. I backed up against the wall and slid to my knees.
He sat back down and lazily kept the gun aimed towards me.
Am I going to die here? And then he pulled the trigger.


  1. OMG! I can't even form words. He shot her???!?!?! *Runs to next chapter*

  2. OMG!!! Maria and the Creepy Uncle - what chance does she stand?!

  3. Well... A gun seems like a little overkill... Shooting fish in a bucket isn't exactly sporting :(