Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Chapter Twelve

And there I was next weekend. Walking into a bar with someone I loved and someone I hated.
Reece kept a tight hold on my arm.
"See, this is gonna be so much fun." He said gazing over at me. I smiled.
"Yeah, I hope so."
"Ohemgee! We have to dance!" Maria squealed, dragging Anika over to the dance floor. Axel, Kaya, and Wallace headed towards the bar, I hope for food and not drinks.
"What do you want to do?" Reece asked. He pulled me close to him.
I tapped my fingers on his chest, thinking.
"We could try the bubbles." I suggested lightly.
"Anything the lady wants." Reece said, flashing a smile. I leaned forward and left a small kiss on his lips.
"Come on." He started walking towards the tables and I followed quickly.
Maybe he was right. I thought. This does seem kinda fun. Reece pulled out a chair and gestured for me to sit.
"What flavor do you want to try?" He asked. I bit my lip.
"Uh, mint?" I shot a quick glance at the labels.
"Go ahead."
The mint flavor rushed into my mouth. 
"Vinnie, blow the bubbles." Reece laughed. I blushed.
I exhaled and teal colored bubbles floated into the air. Reece leaned over and popped a bubble into his mouth.
"Minty." He said grinning which caused me to giggle.


"Hey Vinnie why don't we catch up with the others." Reece said. I checked the clock, we'd been here for an hour already.
"Oh sure." I hopped of my stool and followed him to the back corner of the building, a room had thick red curtains around the archways.
I could see Anika and Wallace but not Maria. Maybe she'd left early.
Nope. She didn't seem to be very interested in what Anika was saying, she kept glancing at the clock. 
"Sit here Vin." I turned around, Reece was relaxing on a luxurious red couch.
I slid into the seat beside him, his soft hand covering mine.
"So do you like it?" He asked.
"Er..yeah. It's great." I scratched behind my ear absentmindedly. "The - uh - music is great."
Reece rolled his eyes.
"Oh I just remembered!" Reece exclaimed, dropping my hand. "I have a surprise for you. Follow me."
"Okay." I stood up.
Had there always been a ladder there? I wondered as Reece climbed up. I grabbed the rungs and hauled myself up and out into the cool night air.
"Ta Da." Reece whispered into my ear. My heart fluttered. He pulled me into his arms. I put my face  close to his.
"I love you." I whispered.


"When did you get so...romantic?" I murmured.
"Well, one day I met a beautiful girl and everything changed." He said.
"Oh really?" My thumb stroked his jacket. Reece glanced at his watch.
"What?" I asked, sitting up.
"I gotta go." He said standing up. "Sorry."
"Don't apologize stupid it's fine." I giggled and kissed him. "I have to go too."
We walked down to the entrance together before parting ways. It was a long walk home, so I decided to cut through the city.
I can't believe this is actually my life. I thought. Who knew, the white-haired freak of nature would be with the most amazing guy in all of Bridgeport.
I wonder what my parents would say. I still have so many things to ask them. Why is my hair like this? Am I even your daughter? In truth I never really looked like either of my parents. I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Was someone following me?
Suddenly a hand slapped over my mouth and another around my waist. I screamed and tried to get away but it was no use.
"Oh sweetie that isn't gonna work." I tried screaming again but his hand was tight around my mouth.
"I wonder what use he has of you." The man murmured. "Well, I can't let you see where we're going now can I?" He squeezed his hand over my mouth and nose the same way he had before except this time I felt my body slump to the ground and I drifted into unconsciousness.


  1. Oh no! I hope nothing bad happens to Vinnie!

  2. Yikes! I knew he was trouble and would come for her sooner or later!

  3. Oh here comes the creepy uncle - I wouldn't be surprised if Reece's Dad doesn't have something to do with this!!

  4. *Sigh* you know there's a creeper out for you and you're just walking around alone in the city at night. :( I hope she's ok.

  5. What?! First, is she crazy? Walking alone in the city....geez. Stupid crazy, creepy uncle. o_O

  6. I know that the end was like a super serious moment and all that but all i can think of is the "player is God" moment with the ladder and Vinnie questioning it XD.