Friday, July 5, 2013

Chapter Fourteen

*Warning: Language* 
I knocked on the door and a young woman opened it.
"What." She snapped impatiently.
"Is Vinnie here? I wanted to make sure she got home okay." I said. The woman, Lauri I guessed, narrowed her eyes.
"Isn't she back at your place?" She said.
"N-no. Isn't she here?" I tried to look around her but she closed the door.
"Look kid, Reece? She never came home last night."
"What the hell are you talking about?! I saw her cut through the city?" I began panicking. "Shouldn't you call her parents? Vinnie said they're on a business trip." Lauri crossed her arms.
"Vinnie's parents disappeared 4 years ago. They're dead." Lauri said, bitterness and grief come off her in waves.
"Oh. I'm sorry." I felt awkward now. "But if she's not here where-" And then it hit me. Dad. I took off running.
"Hey!" Lauri called but I didn't look back.

I raced into the apartment and threw open the door to the living room.
"Dad!" I yelled. He must be in his office.
 I felt along the bookcase. 
"Which book is it?" I muttered, pulling on random books. I saw one titled, "Hawkwood: A Legacy." Of course. I yanked it back and the door slid open.
My father sat at his desk, flipping through a file.
"So that was you making all the racket? God, you remind me so much of Koran." He muttered.
"I'm nothing like that asshole." I spat. Dad rolled his eyes.
"So do you want now?" He asked.
I slammed my hands on the table.
"I wanna know Dad, where the hell Vinnie is." I snarled.
"Why would I know where your silly human is?" He stared up at me, not at all fazed.
"Because you obviously have something against her."
"Reece, go away. You're being irrational." Dad waved me away, going back to his file.
"I'm gonna find her. And if her disappearance has anything to do with you, you'll regret it!" I ran out of the office and into my room. This kept happening. Some sort of confrontation with him , coincidentally about Vinnie both times, and them me running away.
I sat on the edge of my bed with my head in my hands. How could I let this happen?! What if she's...dead. I felt something wet on my hands and I pulled them away from my face. Tears? I was crying? I never cried, not since...Mom's funeral.
"Vinnie. I love you. I'll find you." I took a deep breath and pulled out my phone.
"Hellooo?" Axel's voice on the other end sounded cheery.
"Axel I need your help."
"Reece? Damn you sound bad. What's up buddy?"
"Vinnie's m-missing." My voice wobbled. "You have to give me that guys number."
"She's what?! No Kaya shh." His phone sounded distant at the end and I could hear Kaya somewhat in the background.
"Reece, you can't find her with, you know your bond-thingy." Axel asked.
"I don't know! Give me the guy's number!" I half-shouted.
"I don't think I should." 
"Why the hell not Axel!"
"Reece, he's dangerous." Axel sounded unsure of himself.
"How?" I was getting desperate
"Reece, he's a fucking time jumper."
"Axel, I don't know what the hell that means!!" I pinched the bridge of my nose, trying to keep the headache away. Axel sighed.
"Hold on, here's Kaya." Axel said. 
"Reece." Kaya's voice came over the phone.
"Yeah Hi Kaya." I muttered.
"Okay first of all, you're an ass. Second of all a time jumper is someone who can jump through space and time. They don't really age after they hit 18." Kaya said. 
"Hey! But what's so dangerous about some 18 year old kid." I could hear Kaya smacking her hand against her forehead.
"Honestly Reece, he's dangerous because he can very very easily kill you, change your timeline, and he pretty much is a genius." Kaya explained.
"I don't know how Vinnie puts up with you." She murmured giving the phone back to Axel.
"So give me his number?" I asked again.
"He um...has no number."
"You have to set your clock to 8:46."
"That makes, no sense. Not to mention is quite stupid. How will I know what he looks like?" Does everything has to be so frustrating?!
"You'll know him. He's got blue hair." Axel snickered.
"Blue hair?"
"He dyes it or something, look I gotta go. But remember, don't trust this guy too much." Axel said before hanging up. I turned around and changed my clock time. Let's see how bad you are Mr. Time Jumper. 


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    I hope he helps Reece find her!!

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