Saturday, July 6, 2013

Chapter Fifteen

Everything hurts. I don't know how long I've been in here. Constantly Maria will come in and kick at me. A few hours ago, or maybe days, she took a knife to my leg. I was too weak to even scream. I'm starting to lose hope that Reece will come.
"Maria! Don't be a child!"
"I know what I'm doing!"
"Obviously you don't, you called him up!" Koran and Maria fought whenever one of them wasn't down here.
"Shut the hell up Koran, he's here so go sulk in the attic or something!" Voices got quieter and then footsteps came down the stairs.
What now? 
"Over here." 
From my angle I could see a young man, younger than Koran but older than Maria, walking down the stairs.
"Who...what the hell." 
"She's not much of your concern." Maria muttered, leaning against the stairwell. The man ran a pale hand through hair. Oh god I really must be dying.
"Just...check her over." Maria said walking back up the stairs.
The door opened to the cell. If I didn't have a bullet in my side or a deep gash on my leg I probably would have made a run for it.
"Who are you?" He murmured, feeling along the cuts and bruises that covered my body.
A dark silver pocket-watch glimmered in his vest pocket. As much as it hurt, I lifted my arm and grabbed his tie.
" me." I struggled to speak. His bright green eyes blinked in surprise.
"I-I can't." He whispered, glancing at the stairs. My hand dropped from his chest and he stood up.
He stepped away and closed the gate again. Silent tears fell from my face onto the bloody stones beneath me.
I'm sorry Reece. I'm sorry Lauri. I'm sorry Kaya. I'm sorry Mom and dad.
I love you all.


  1. =( Oh no, things look bleak for her.

  2. Oh no...:( I was hoping the bullet missed when he shot her. I hope she can pull through, or Reese comes save her..

  3. Oh dear the plot thickens even more - what is the jumper doing here?!
    Reece needs to get his but into gear and quickly!!

  4. I am so confused. How is she not dead?

  5. I am also surprised she's not dead. With a bullet and knife wounds, yikes! Maybe they were just superficial, but she said she has a bullet in her side. o_O Yikes!