Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Chapter Sixteen

I stepped away from the clock. The old clock ticked through the silence.
"Come on," I murmured. "This has to work!" A heavy object crashed to the ground, I spun around.
A tall blue haired man stood up and brushed off his vest.
"So you need something kid?" He said looking up. Something about his face reminded me of something...or someone.
"Do I know you?" I asked.
"Um I don't think so." He said, brushing some hair away from his eyes. That's it, I thought, his eyes. Like Vinnie's!
 "Why did you call me?" He asked.
"Well girlfriend is missing." 
"Maybe she left you?" The man smirked.
"NO! She's...we're...I don't have to explain this to you." I crossed my arms. "Just...find her."
"Look buddy, I can't just go around finding people for you." 
"But can't you go back in time and stop her from...disappearing?" 
"Maybe kid."
"Don't call me kid, I'm stronger than you." I snapped. "Not to mention I actually have a girlfriend."
"Don't get cocky with me vampire!" The time-jumper shouted.
"I have a name." I said, stepping back.
"And I don't care." He stepped closer. "I don't have to help you."
"No! Please! I-I'm sorry." I cried. I hated sucking up to this guy, but I had to. For Vinnie.
"Please, you don't know how much she is to me!" I begged. He sighed. A loud bang echoed off the walls and a young woman appeared.
"Blu! What the hell?!" She shouted, advancing towards him.
"Who's she?" I held back a laugh.
"Emily...hi honey." Blu stuttered. "She's my fiancée."
 "Blu, we were in the middle of planning our wedding and you just jump off somewhere!" The girl, Emily, was obviously very upset.
"Em, I'm working. I'll get home soon, okay?" Blu shot an apologetic glance my way.
"Ugh fine." She pulled away from him.
She turned to look at me.
"Kid, don't put all of your faith in Blu." Emily said. "I love him but he can't do everything." And with that she disappeared.
"So you'll help me?" I asked.


  1. Oh nice touch, having the fiancee come and interrupt. LOL. I'm glad he's helping Reece.

  2. I hope the time jumper can help him. Maybe save her from getting shot in the first place.

  3. Lol - too funny that the fiance comes after him - maybe he should be marrying a none jumper lol. Im glad he's agreed to help.

  4. Haha! He just left in the middle of wedding plans. Poor guy...he was just trying to escape. :D Eyes like Vinnie, huh? Hmmm...interesting. Glad he is going to help. :)