Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chapter Seven

And there I was Friday afternoon, standing in the lobby of Reece's apartment building. I pressed the button and his voice came crackling over the intercom.
"Hawkwood Residence,"
"Hi Reece. It's me."
"Vin! Hey hun come on up." With that a loud beep sounded and the elevator doors opened.
This is going to be quite the adventure.
After another bing the doors opened onto the topmost floor. There was one door, which I assumed would be Reece's.
I took a deep breath before knocking. The hall way was silent except for the soft whir of the air conditioning. The door suddenly swung open, interrupting my stream of thoughts.
"Vinnie, you came." 
I smiled shyly. "Yeah I guess I did." He pulled me into the doorway and with his arm locked around my waist, he gave me a kiss.
My heart fluttered and my toes tingled. I put my hands on his face and pulled him closer, deepening the kiss. He gave a surprised mumble but went along with it.
Reece pulled away slightly. "C'mon, let's move this somewhere else."
"Mhm." I mumbled, resting my face against his cheek for a moment.
"Hey V, you okay? You seem, distant." He asked giving my hand a soft squeeze.
"Hm? Oh I'm fine. Just you know, stuff on my mind."
He opened a set of double doors and they opened into a large bedroom that was about the size of my house.
"I...erm." I stumbled, wondering what to say. Reece snickered.
"I know I know, it's big." He took my hand and led me over to the bed. I sat down.
"Vinnie, are you really okay? You seem upset about something." Reece's big eyes were filled with worry.
"Honestly it's fine. Just a bad memory that's all." I replied hastily. Reece gave me a look. "Reece, drop the damn subject." He stood up and pulled me closer so my legs were around his waist.
"Hm, you sure?"
 "I think you know my answer." I said, tangling one hand in his hair and yanking his face towards mine.
"Oh do I?' Reece's breath tickled my cheeks.
My hand made it's way to his shoulder and his hand made it's way to my thigh. Hell why did I ever wait this long to talk to him. Reece kept his grip on my body as he turned around and landed on his bed, his elbows cushioning him.

"Yeah, pretty clear answer." He replied. I slid down further and his hand grabbed mine, pulling my mouth back to his.
He was pretty perfect. Everything about him was, except for a nagging feeling in the back of my mind that something was wrong. Parent problems? A dead family member? Is he hiding a dead body? Okay, I'm getting out of hand. It was probably me just reading false signs. I hope.
"Hey." I said, laying my head against his chest.
"Hey." He smiled. "I'm gonna order a pizza 'kay?"
"That's sounds good." I sat up and he did too.
"One more." He said. One more wha-
Mm okay that works.
I pulled back. "Okay bud, go order me dinner, I'm going to the bathroom." He nodded and dug out his cell phone. I walked out of the room and shut the door slowly behind me, letting it click quietly. I was back in the main hallway.

It feel eerie and empty. Now which door do I go in? I took a guess and headed over to the farthest door. As soon as I stepped through the doorway, both doors shut.
The room before me was a dark, crypt-like bedroom. All of the lights were off.
This definitely wasn't the bathroom.


  1. Oops. Maybe she should have asked him where the bathroom was. LOL. I like the mystery in your story. =)

  2. Yikes!!! I agree with Lateknight. I love the mystery in this story. I wonder what is up with that room!

  3. Oops!! my over active imagination is all over the place at the moment lol

  4. Uh-oh! o_O Yeah, she may have wanted to ask first, but love the mystery side of this! ;)