Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Chapter Six

Arriving at school the next morning felt odd. There was no more watching Reece from the sidelines. He'd be by my side. A pair of hands touched my shoulder and my hip.
"Hey." He said. I small grin stretched onto my face.
"Hey." I replied. I kept my gaze on the lockers, where Maria stood with her ice-like eyes locked onto us.
"Reece," I murmured.
"I know. I see her." Reece said. Maria stayed stone-faced. "Calm down V, I can hear your heart racing."
Something about the way Maria was acting made my stomach churn. She wasn't going ballistic like I expected her to. All she did was turn to Anika and whisper something. Anika took Wallace's hand and led him off towards the classroom. Axel and Kaya quickly followed. I caught Kaya's uneasy expression as she walked away.
Reece reached around and kissed me on the cheek softly. I giggled.
"See? Everything's fine." Reece whispered, his lips moving smoothly across my skin.
"Reece!" Maria's snarl caught both of us off guard. Reece's head snapped towards her and he moved in front of me in a protective gesture. 
 "Reece, be careful." I whispered.
"Vinnie I know what I'm doing." He growled in return. Maria slowly walked towards us. The click of her boots echoed off the empty corridor.
"Reecey-baby," She cooed, her voice silky but still full of venom. "What are doing with..her." As her eyes looked me up and down I slid further behind Reece.
"I'm doing exactly what it looks like." He replied, squeezing my hand. Maria's face darkened.
"What's so good about her anyway?!" Her anger was seeping out fast. "I've known you the longest. I've always been there for you. I've always been there to talk to. Even when your mother-"
"That's enough!" Reece shouted. What happened to his mom? I wondered.
"Look Maria, you better get over this stupid jealousy thing you have and leave her alone."
"JEALOUSY?! You think I'm JEALOUS of that white-haired brat?! SHE'S the one that should be jealous of me. I'm rich. I live in a mansion. I have a boyfriend." Maria screamed. How the hell are the hallways not swarming with teachers? I pushed away the thought and pushed Reece behind me. I'm capable of standing up for myself.
"Look, just because Reece 'chose' me over you doesn't mean you have to be a total bitch about it. I man really, it's a rejection get over it. It'll happen plenty of other times." I snapped. 
"Um V, your 'wisdom' might not be helpful in this situation." Reece murmured.
"Shut the hell up. I'm making a point." I said.
"Aw someone thinks she's smart." Maria mocked. Her phone chirped from her bag which lay against the stairs.
"Oh look. My parents texted me. They're so sweet. They're always there for me. Ya know?" She said, drawing out her words so they hurt even more. 
"YOU LITTLE BITCH." I cried throwing myself at her.
"Vinnie!" Reece's arms caught me around my waist.
"Let go of me!" I cried trying to twist out of his iron grip. Maria blinked in surprise but she quickly regained her smirk.
"I'll see you later Reece. Just hope that you made the right decision." With that she walked away. I rotated in Reece's arms so I was facing him.
"You know why I did that right?" Reece asked, holding me close. In reply I buried my face in his chest. We'd be together for such a short time but it already felt like I'd known him for years.
He kissed my forehead.
"C'mon. Let's go to class." He said leading me away.
"Hey V, what do you think of  coming to my house?" Reece turned to me during our Algebra class.
"W-what?" His comment caught me by surprise even though it was so casual.
"You, come over to my apartment?" He repeated.
"Oh um. Sure." Apartment. That doesn't sound too fancy.
"Great." Reece smiled and I gazed over to Maria and Anika's desk.

"So, Friday?" Reece tugged on my shoulder. "Vinnie? Come back to me."
"Heh sorry. Friday sounds good." I mentally checked my calendar. Two days from now. I can handle this. Right?


  1. Yikes! I would be afraid to fight with a vampire! But she held her own and stuck up for herself! :)

  2. It was sweet of Reece to stand up for her.

  3. Reece was probably afraid if she didn't stop her, Maria would do something. o_O Good for him for protecting her! :)

  4. Well... That was kinda rude of her to tell him to shut up... :/

    It almost sounds like Reece didn't break up with Maria... Or were they never dating. I'm kinda confused, lol.