Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Chapter Eight

I reached behind and jiggled the door handle. Locked, that's impossible!
"What do we have here? Is the little mouse lost?" I froze, my heart rate skyrocketing. I turned around.
A man stood right in front of me, his hand near my head. His eyes scanned my body and I pressed myself further against the wall.
"Daminier was right." He whispered to himself while he looked at my hair. That name. That voice. My eyes widened, this was the man that was sent to kill me.
"I-I please...I'm sorry." I could hardly speak. "I'll just be g-going."
He slid closer to me, his hand hovering near my thigh.
"No, you won't little mouse." His raspy voice sent chills along my spine. "You're very frightened right now." He put his lips near my neck.
"Your heart is racing."
"L-let me go." I tried to push him off of me. "I'll scream." He chuckled and slid his hand along my leg.
In a flash his hand was in an iron grip on my mouth and nose.
"Oh, I don't think we'll be doing that sweetheart." I scraped at his hand, desperate for air. The man put his face close too mine, black spots started to cloud my vision.
"Remember this," His eyes glittered. "I'm watching you Vivienne." He stroked my jaw one more time before disappearing.
I stood there for a moment before dropping to my knees and gasping. Air rushed into my lungs and I blinked hard, clearing the spots. Once I had regained my vision and breath I spun around and grabbed the door. Yanking it back as hard as I could it swung open and I raced out.
I went directly across the hall and into what I assumed to be the living room. My sight blurred slightly as the tears started to flow down my face.
"Hey there you ar-" Reece took sight of my frazzled appearance. He jumped off and zipped across the room.
I broke down sobbing at the sight of him. Reece, he is safety.
His soft hands gripped my shoulders and he looked at me, his golden eyes wild with worry.
"Vinnie, what the hell? What happened?!" I didn't respond. I didn't know how to. Reece's grip tightened.
"Vinnie! You're scaring me, talk, tell me what's wrong." He shook me slightly. I collapsed against him, digging my fingers into his shirt, holding on as if letting go meant that man coming back. Reece led - more like carried - me to one of the couches.
"Vinnie please, I can't make it better if you won't tell me." He held my body against his.
"I-I went to the f-far set of doors and I thought it might lead to the bathroom," I told him the story and his expression turned from worry to utter anger.
Reece sighed.
"That jackass was probably my uncle."
"WHAT?!" I glared at him. "You said no one would be here!"
"Vi, he's an insanely powerful vampire, hell he could be anywhere."  Reece stammered. "I-I mean, no Vin, not like that." He corrected when he saw my look of horror.
He pulled me into his lap for a kiss.
"It's gonna be fine, I'll protect you." I responded with another kiss.
"Let's not let the pizza get cold."

 "So, I'm gonna talk to my dad about us." Reece said, scratching behind his ear. "That okay with you?"
"Yeah I planned on telling Lauri." I said. He cocked his head to the side in a confusing manner.
"My Aunt." I picked at the laces of my boots.
"Not your parents?" His suspicious look made me nervous.
"They're out on a business trip for the next two weeks." 
"So Lauri...why not Aunt Lauri?" He doesn't trust me does he?
"She's twenty-one, she thinks 'aunt' makes her sound old." I snapped. Reece crawled over and placed a light kiss on my lips.
"Sorry. So, I'll see you Monday?"
"Sooner if you're a good boy." I giggled and tackled him to the floor. Just a few more kisses.


  1. o_O His uncle was trying to kill her? Creepy.

  2. Holy crap. How freaky.

  3. I don't like the creepy uncle. He is the one who has been watching her isn't he!!

  4. Woah! Creepy, creepy uncle!! o_O