Monday, May 20, 2013

Chapter Two

Warning: A bit long and picture heavy

Last period of the day was Algebra. I sat in the back. Alone as usual. I tuned out Ms. Wilkins and listened in to Maria and Abigail gossip. 
"Did you see the way he looked at her?!" Ugh, just regular High School gossip. 
"Maria, it's not Vinnie's fault." 
"Reece is royalty! He isn't meant for that low-class peice of shit!" Maria hisses, her nails digging into her desk. 
"Ms Duran! I suggest you be quiet or you'll spending the next week in detention!" Ms. Wilkins shouted, smacking her hands on the desk. The room fell silent. Ms. Wilkins eased herself back into her chair. Adjusting her glasses she said, "Thank you. Please continue Axel." Maria and Abby giggled and went back to whispering.
Tears started to trickle down my face. I hunched over in attempt to hide myself. I admit, I'm scared. Maria Duran is the daughter of the second most powerful vampire in Brideport, who knows what could happen if I upset her. For the rest of class I sat quietly in the back, just hoping to disappear. Once the bell rang I bolted to my locker. 

                     My fingers shook as I fiddled with the combination  My heart was pounding and I could feel someone staring at me.I turned around to come face to face with Maria. Her eyes gleamed with malice. 
"Listen up sweetheart." The words came out in a snarl, inhuman. Like her. 
"You're gonna stay the hell away from Reece you got that? If you do anything I will kill you." 
"I-I didn't do anything." I whispered. She chuckled. 
"You little bitch. You don't think I see the way you stare at him. He looks the same way towards you." My heart soared momentarily before remembering who was in front of me at that moment. Maria snapped her fingers and Anika and Abby were behind me. 
"Sorry Vinnie." Abby whispered. 
"Ow! What the hell?" I cried. Maria leaned close. 
"Just remember, I won't hesitate to slit your throat." 
"Maria that's enough!" A booming voice made us all stop and turn around. Reece had a firm grasp on Maria's shoulder. He stared into my eyes, his golden ones turning soft and caring for only a heartbeat before shoving Maria into the wall.
"Look Maria, I don't know what your shit is with her but drop it." He said. I didn't stay to see what he said next. I was already crying as I ran down the hall.
I didn't even stop when I got outside.
I headed for the bleachers. Our school never had any sports events so it was always abandoned. It was my safe spot. 


I thought about everything in my life. My parents, my family, my friend, Reece, and all the horrible things Maria might do to me. Would she slip in through the window at night? Would she kill me? What about Lauri? She's the only family I have left! Well, I doubt Maria cares. But Kaya would. Abby...I'm done with her. She's sided with Maria now. And Reece. Gorgeous, mysterious, Reece. He stood up for me. I'd have never of guessed something like that from him. Those eyes. Those golden eyes. Reece seemed to care, I could at least tell that. But I just don't understand. What do I have against the ever-perfect Maria?
"Vinnie?!" I looked up. Kaya stood above me. Seeing her brought on a wave of emotions. Happiness that she found me, looked for me. Horrible sadness that she had to find me. I cried harder. She bent down and held my face in her hands.
"Vinnie, what was that about? Why are you just crying alone?" Kaya's worried voice brought me to my senses. 
"Maria! She threatened to kill me if I did something with Reece. I'm so confused and scared. What do I do?" All my words tumbled out at once. Kaya's face softened and she wrapped her arms around me and sat silently, stroking my hair, as I let out my hysterics.
"Now, Vinnie," She said. "Are you able to go home? Face Lauri?" I took a deep breath and wiped my eyes, mascara and eyeliner coming off on my sleeve.
"Yes. It's a long cab ride back so I'll be fine." She looked unimpressed but guided me down the bleachers anyway.
"Thank you." I hugged her, forcing a smile onto my face.
"Anytime. Now, go home, eat, sleep, and I'll see you tomorrow." Kaya said, patting me on the head like a dog. "I have math homework to do." With that she headed off and hopped into her family's limo that waited on the corner. I dusted myself off and went to hail a cab.
The ride home was long and quiet and I was grateful for it. It gave me time to think of what I would say to Lauri.


Thankfully she was still at work. I slipped into the bedroom and got undressed. Without eating I headed to bed, the soft blankets helped me relax.
I heard Lauri walk into the bedroom. Staying still, I pretended to be asleep so she wouldn't try to talk to me. She sighed and turned out the light. Leaving me in the dark room with nothing but my thoughts.
Just before I fell asleep I thought I saw a pair of

golden eyes 

watching over me.


  1. Yikes! The ending freaked me out a little. Whats with the eyes watching over her? *shudders*

  2. Awwe T,T

    That Maria best stay away from her! Rawr >:(

    I hope she keeps to her decision not to be friends with Abby any more, what kind of person, much less a friend, goes along with something like that.

  3. That Maria is a nasty piece of work!! I think the golden eyes might just belong to Reece - which is sweet!!

  4. Oh, golden eyes. Does that mean he doesn't trust Maria and he's watching over her? Or maybe he's a little stalker-ish? Guess I'd just better read on. :)