Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chapter Three

"Vinnie baby look at the camera!" FLASH
"Hunny, leave the poor girl alone." 
"Am I not aloud to marvel over my beautiful daughter David?" An older couple bickered playfully while their young daughter sat waiting. Her white her glowed in the moonlight. 
"Maddy, don't you have a reservation to catch?" The mother's younger sister stood by the door, having been called earlier she dropped by to babysit her 12 year old niece. 
The woman gave the girl a hug. 
"You're sure you'll be ok?" The mother asked anxiously.
"Of course Mom. Go have fun with Dad." She giggled. 
All four sat down in the living area. 
"Just remember, her bedtime is 9:00. And don't even think about letting her stay up later. All the emergency phone numbers are on the fridge. I'll have my cell-"
"Maddy I got it. Just go, enjoy your anniversary." Her sister said. 
"Thank you Lauri bI really appreciate it." Maddison said. The couple gave their child one last hug and kiss before walking out of the house. 
"Alrighty kiddo. Go ahead upstairs and put your pajamas on." The small girl nodded and headed up the stairs to her small bedroom. 
She pulled out a pair of green pajamas to change into before going back down to the living room and watching TV. The white-haired girl heard a soft THUMP THUMP. She shrugged it off and padded down the stairs.
She sat down onto the couch and turned on the television. THUMP THUMP. There it was again. Louder, and closer to the front door. The older girl grew worried. What if something bad happened to the girl? Her sister would never forgive her if her only child was hurt or...worse. THUMP THUMP THUMP.
"Vinnie turn off the TV!" She whispered. The child huffed and reluctantly shut it off.
"WHO'S  IN THERE?!" A voice bellowed from outside. The teenager grabbed her niece and ducked behind a nearby dresser, shielding the young girl with her body.
"Lauri...what's going on? I'm scared." She whispered.
"Shh baby. It's gonna be ok." Lauri, the elder girl, tried to reassure the child, even though her quivering voice betrayed her. The two clung tight to each other. Both without knowing, where quietly saying goodbye to their loved ones. Lauri thought of her parents, who she had run away from only a few months ago. She never told them that even though they didn't understand her, she was still their daughter and she still loved them. The smaller child also thought of her parents. She'd only ever known them, her aunt, and her best friend Kaya.
"God damn. Rasco, you got your gun? I think someone's in there." The voice called. 
"Run, get upstairs!" Lauri whispered.
The two of them ran as quietly as they could past the front stairwell, up to the second floor to the master bedroom.
Lauri held her small niece as she started to cry. They hunched beside the bed.
"I don't wanna die. Please someone come." The child whispered.
"She's has to be in there! Daminer told us about 'the silver child'. He said she was their daughter!" The voices called from outside.
"Vinnie, you have to open your eyes now. Come on baby it's ok. Vinnie. VINNIE!"
I leaped out of bed. Tears stained my face. I was sweaty and gasping for air.
"Rasco...Daminer." Those names stuck to my tongue. Was that a dream? Or a memory. The only haunting thing was the voice at the end. A man's voice.

Reece's voice.


  1. Ooh this is mysterious! I like it. :) I'm NewtotheSims on the forum... which is how I found your story. :)

  2. I found your story the same way as Lateknight above. I'm from the same forum. :) Great story so far! I love the mystery vibe! I love the poses you used :)

  3. Was that a horrible flashback or something - cant wait to see what is going on!!

  4. Not sure how I missed your story on the forums, but I just found it. I love mysteries!! Creepy about Reece. Absolutely amazing back story!! I was scared to death for those two! :)