Monday, June 10, 2013

Chapter Four

I couldn't go back to sleep after that dream. It was just too...freaky. On my way into the school I could feel Maria's breath behind me. I looked at Wallace instead. 
"So um, how are things with Anika?" I asked. 
After our awkward little conversation was over I headed inside. My first class was one of the only classes I had with Abby. In fact I had to sit next to her. I slid into my seat and brought out a blank notebook. When I was about to start writing Abby came sauntering in. She sat beside me, tossing her expensive purple purse down beside my old canvas bag. 
"Hey sugarcakes."
"Fuck off Abby. " I spat. She look shocked. 
"What was that for? Oh right, yesterday."
"Yeah. Yesterday." I mutttered. 
"Well that was um, bad." She said. 
"That was 'bad'?! You humiliated me in from of our whole class, and don't think that I didn't hear you two gossiping about me." I snapped. 
"Ms. Matthews and Ms. Nelson, are we working back there?" Mr. Keld called from his spot at the chalkboard. 
"Yes." I replied, turning to Abby. "I'm done with you. Ok? So go ahead, team up with Maria. I don't care. I already know you're a backstabbing bitch." Abby's expression of utter shock masked the hurt I saw in her eyes.
"Vinnie, I-"
"Save it." I said, looked down at my notebook. The rest of the day flew by. I was alone for most of it except for my AP History class. Kaya and Axel sat on either side of me. I was able to talk to Kaya and Axel smiled at me. It's nice to have people like them around. After the last bell rang I stayed late to clear off the whiteboards.
I heard a light patter of footsteps come up to me. A voice coughed.
"Vinnie?" My breath hitched in my throat. Could it be? I slowly turned around.
"I-I..hello." I could have sworn he heard my heart beating. Reece smiled, his canines showed only slightly against his lips.
"Can you do something for me?" He asked, his yellow eyes pleading.
"Yes, anything." I slapped a hand over my mouth. My cheeks flushed with embarrassment. His smile grew and he took my empty hand in his.
"Meet me at Bogard Overlook after school tomorrow." He said.
"Oh, uh sure. I'll be there." I whispered. Reece lifted my hand to his lips and gave it a peck before letting go and leaving the room.
After I was sure he had left the classroom I shrieked with excitement. Finally, he had noticed me. I ran out of the school and hailed a cab.
"Where to Miss?" The driver asked.
"The Butterfly Esplanade." I sat back in the leather seat and sent Kaya a text;
I checked my phone every few minutes once I arrived. Pacing back and forth through the grass I was trying to calm down my excitement. It might not be what I thought. But maybe it is!
"Vinnie? You here?"
"Kaya!" I ran over to her and spun her around like we did when we were little kids.
Kaya giggled. "So what's up with you? I haven't seen you this giddy since 4th grade when your father told you that you had a new pool." Realizing what she said, Kaya's cheeks flushed with embarrassment.
"Well, it's a bit difficult to tell you."
"Well you can tell me over dinner ok? I'm taking you out." Kaya said with a grin.


"So Vinnie. Tell me." Kaya said after we had finished eating. I scratched my neck absentmindedly.
"It's like I can't stop thinking about him. I can hardly think straight when I'm in the same room as him. And, ok this might sound crazy but you have to trust me." Kaya raised an eyebrow. "I had a dream last night. More of a memory really. But at the end I heard a voice. Calling, crying for me to wake up. It was Reece's voice." Kaya blinked in surprise. She definitely wasn't expecting that.
"You know Vin, It could have been just a regular dream." I shook my head.
"I don't know." I ran my fingers through my hair. Kaya stood up. 
"Well I'll talk to you later."
"Be safe." Kaya said as she pulled out of a hug. She waved as she headed down to the sidewalk to hail a cab.
"Bye." I waited until after she had left to hail a cab of my own. Once I arrived at the house Lauri was sitting on the couch.
Lauri made no noise as I slipped past her on my way to our bedroom. I felt no need to interrupt her TV watching with my silly teenager problems.
I crawled into bed and closed my eyes, waiting for sleep to come.


  1. I'm excited for her! I hope this turns out to be something good...
    And again, fantastic job with the posing! They don't look forced at all, and they match the pacing and even the time of day!

    1. We'll see for her. :)

      But thank you. It can be a bit difficult when posing because sometime I have to have them sitting posed for a few (sim) hours just to get the right time of day.

  2. Just read all four chapters. Interesting story that I don't quite know where you're taking it and that's always a good thing. Keep up the good work!

  3. Wow. Cool. I'm excited to see what happens next. :)

  4. Great chapter! Enjoying the story so far. :)

  5. Yes you are doing a good job with the pics - that is the part I hate most - waiting for the right time to match the time in the story!!!

    :) enjoying the story so far.

  6. That is one thing I'm thankful I don't have to do with my wishacy: have sims posed for hours waiting for certain times of day.

    I thought she would be more scared of Reece, but it is different than I anticipated. Will have to read more to find out, I guess. :)