Sunday, May 19, 2013

Chapter One

"Vinnie, are you really doing your homework the morning it's due?" Lauri's motherly voice grumbled from her spot at the counter. 
"Yes. I fell asleep early last night." I stared down at the question in from of me. Have you ever lost someone close to you? How did it feel? I sighed. Lauri dropped her knife and walked over to the table. 
"Look hun, I'm not gonna harass you anymore but you better step it up ok? I'm working a dead-end job just so we can keep our house. Get out there. Get a job at the spa. Abigail works there." 
"I'm not going to the spa." I mumbled. I didn't need to look up from my paper to tell that Lauri was rolling her eyes. I packed up my homework and headed out the door. I hailed a cab and sat in silence as it dropped me in front of my school. 
I walked towards the back entrance of the school, the spot where I normally met up with Kaya and Abby. I could already hear the shrill sounds of teenagers laughing and talking. I have a feeling this isn't going to go well. 
Yeah it's bad. The worst of the worst are here.  Abigail with her boyfriend John, Anika and Wallace sucking eachothers faces off, and then there are the vampires. Maria and Reece. Maria is one to watch out for. She's a Siren. Her beauty lures in her victims. She was almost convicted of murder last year. I stay away. 
"Abby." My voice sounded strangled and out of place.  Abby said something to John before walking over  
"Vinnie! Did you see?! Kaya and Axel. Good for her right?" 
"Yeah uh huh." Out of the corner of my eye I caught Reece staring at me. His golden eyes searched my green ones until I finally tore away my gaze. 
"Vinnie, for God's sake are you even listening?!" Abby huffed. 
"I'm sorry. A lot on my mind lately." She hugged me. Pity filled her stare. 
"No need to apologize. I jus-" Maria's voice cut her off. 
"Abigail come on. I think the maggot is fine on her own." Maria smirked. Abby looked torn. I waved her away. 
"You're the best." She whispered in my ear. As she walked away the bell rang and I headed inside. 


  1. LOL my sims do that too! They do the homework before school on the same day its due. Silly sims. hehe :)

  2. Poor girl...
    Gosh, you paint a really good story in such a little space!
    I adore your group shots. How do you do that? lol

  3. Just to let you know I've started reading :) Enjoyed the first chapter!!