Sunday, May 19, 2013


Bridgeport. Commonly known as the City of Dreams. Not for me. It's the place where nightmares come out and play. "The big city isn't a place for little girls," my father once said. He was right.
This is me. Vinnie Matthews. I'm sixteen years old and I'm an orphan. My parents disappeared when I was 12. I guess they're dead since know one's ever found them. That's me. "The orphan girl" , "That white-haired freak" and worst of all "The girl who killed her parents." Sure, some of those fit. But not all. 
This is my gaurdian. Her name's Lauri Haywood. Surprisingly enough she's my aunt. The only person willing to care for me. She's....kind of an outcast of the family. Lauri ran away from home when she was my age and came here. After a few years my mother followed with me and my father in tow. 
I do have friends. Abigail Nelson and Kaya Deeate. Abby is a popular girl. She hangs out with that kind of crowd. The kind that bullies people like me or Kaya. Ah poor sweet little Kaya. She's quite the nerd and gets teased often but she knows how to stand up for herself. We stick together. Together we'r able to survive High School. 
So you know enough about my past. 

Let's find out my future. 


  1. Great story! Your pictures are beautiful!

  2. Hiya, sneaky from the forums here - I like Vinnie already, she's unique and her aunt sounds like a character - look forward to reading on!

  3. Pictures are amazing, Vinnie sounds like a fantastic character and I can't wait to continue reading. :)