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Chapter Forty-Three

Within the next hour we were dressed in the nicest clothes we could muster up at 4 in the morning. Reece walked over to me, taking my hands in his, and gave them a little squeeze.
"It's going to be fine." He assured me, as if reading my mind. Although these days I was pretty sure he could.
"Okay." I said weakly. "Are you sure I should be coming though?"
"Of course. We live together and you're pregnant with our children. You count as part of the Hawkwood family."
"Oh." I felt myself blushing.
"I just can't believe he's dead." Reece sighed suddenly, letting go of my hands.
"Reece, he was your father it's okay to miss him." I said.

"I don't mean it like I miss him, I mean it like I don't actually believe he's dead." Reece retorted, crossing his arms. "It doesn't make any sense at all."
"Could Koran have gone after him for any reason?" I suggested.
"No, I doubt it. Koran wouldn'tve killed him to be the heir to the family, as his first born that role is mine. That's why the council called us, at least that's one of the reasons." Reece speculated. He seemed to mentally shake himself for a moment and turned towards the door. 
"They're waiting for us, we should get going."


The outside of the building looked like an old house which was comforting to a degree. But what lay withing was far from comforting. On our way inside Reece didn't speak much. The only thing he confided in me was that his grandfather was on the council. I froze.
"Y-you're grandfather?" I stuttered.
"Yeah, his name is my middle name. I'm not really close to him at all, he's kind of a creepy asshole." Reece shrugged.
"What's your middle name?" I asked.
"Daminier." Reece said and a few...unpleasant memories of encounters with Koran resurfaced.

"She's has to be in there! Daminier told us about 'the silver child'. He said she was their daughter!"

"Daminier was right." He whispered to himself while he looked at my hair.

"Vinnie? You okay?" Reece prompted, pausing outside a set of doors. I shook myself.
"I-um..." I trailed off.

"C'mere." He said, drawing me into a hug. I squeezed my arms around him tightly. I wish I could just stay there stay and cozy in his embrace. My thoughts drifted back to Reece's grandfather. Not being able to find the words I pushed the thoughts towards him. He drew back instantly.
"It's fine. I promise, let's please just get this over with." I whispered. Reece nodded and put his hand on the door handle. We exchanged a look.
"I love you."
"I love you too."

We stepped into an ongoing and very heated argument. I didn't understand what they were talking about but they instantly quieted when Reece coughed. A woman close to us looked up, bright red eyes scanned over me.
"Ah Reece, so nice of you to finally join us." She said, her voice smooth and musical.
"It was three and the morning when you called me." Reece retorted.
"And now it's four in the morning so what?" A pale young man who sat across from her snorted. I flinched slightly, Reece squeezed my hand.
"We were sleeping." He responded levelly. An old man near the end of the table coughed, similar to how Reece had, and brought the attention to him.
"Would you care to introduce the council Reece, I am aware some of our company does not know the others." He said, his voice sending chills down my spine.

"Anastasia Adams, Leon Artis, Daminier Hawkwood, Rohan Duran-" Reece said, going around the circle. I recognized that last name. Maria, Maria's father. I squeezed Reece's hand even tighter, so much so that he winced from my nails. I lighted my grip and the pale man chuckled lightly. "Magdelena Poe, Catalina Aria, and Cedrick Artis." Reece finished.
"Thank you Reece," Rohan said, drumming his fingers across the table. "Our first order of business is your father, my condolences of course."
"Don't bother." Reece said sharply.
"What about her? Come on Reecy, introduce your mate." Catalina interrupted, a pretty accent in her voice. I felt myself blush. His mate? Is that what I was to them?
"Vivienne Matthews. And don't be creepy Catalina, she's my girlfriend." Reece said, his faltering slightly on 'girlfriend'. Seems we were both unsure of what to call each other.

"Also the girlfriend who is pregnant with the next Hawkwood heir." Cedrick noted, with a heavy Scottish accent. A soft murmur went up at the other end of the table.
"Yes. She is." Reece said curtly.
"Just curious is that hair color natural for humans?" Cedrick asked, cocking his head to the side.
"Cedrick please, we are getting beyond off topic here." Magdelena snapped.
"What? She's pretty for a human." Cedrick grinned slyly.

Reece stepped forward with a low growl and I gently placed a hand on his shoulder, coaxing him back. He let out a deep and angry sigh.
"Cedrick." Rohan hissed sharply, yanking the attention away from the two young vampires bickering.

The golden blonde, although greying, hair and icy eyes were identical to Maria's. So close it was scary. The way he look and Reece and I was scary as well.
"Yes, back to the matter at hand. Rasco is dead and you're up to take his place as head of the council." Rohan stated clearly.
"I understand. And I accep-"
"Not so fast Hawkwood." He held up a hand to pause him. "Your loyalty to the council and your father's decisions seems to be have wavered in your youthful years."
"My youthful years? Duran, you know I'm only nineteen." Reece interrupted calmly.
"What I mean is the complete ignoring and immaturity towards your engagement-"
"That engagement was made when I was four, and was never acted upon by you or my father." Reece said sharply.
"Engagement?" I whispered. Cedrick laughed.
"She doesn't know?!"
"Ced, shut up." Leon barked.

"The engagement was made to come into effect when you turned twenty-one. And your death-threats to both my daughter and your father are...extensive." Rohan said.
"I threatened your daughter and refused to marry her was because she was a complete psycho. As for my father he arranged for Vinnie to be kidnapped two years ago and went after her to kill her when she was twelve. And directly after her parents went missing. I have no problem being loyal to the council but if it's my family then don't count on it." Reece snapped. I glanced at Reece, realizing he didn't put the blame on his grandfather. Maybe it was better that he didn't make a big deal of it in front of the council and if his father really was dead then better leave the blame to him and let the whole thing go away.
"A convincing argument." Leon nodded.
"Rohan if I may?" Daminier spoke up, Rohan nodded.
"Vivienne." It made me jump when he addressed me directly.
"You carry twins, if I am correct with my information?" He asked. I nodded. "The genders, if it isn't too intrusive?"
"A boy and a girl." I said, straining to keep the fear from my voice.
"Cedrick has recently informed me of his son. He should be a year old by now." Daminier said. I wasn't following where he was going with this conversation but Rohan was.

"I see. Then Reece Hawkwood, when your daughter turns eighteen she will marry Cedrick's eldest son. If you want the trust of the council that is." Rohan said.

"What?!" We both cried.
"Yes, either that or your council position as well as position as heir to the Hawkwood line falls over to Koran." Daminier said harshly.
"Are you insane?" Reece snapped. "Why is there even any punishment?"
"Because boy, you lack loyalty. How can we trust you if you've gone off and married a human. You should be grateful that I'm even offering Cedrick's child to your half-ling." Rohan added.
"Our answer is no. I don't give a damn about being on the council or being heir. Go ahead and give it to Koran." Reece hissed threateningly. I couldn't believe what was happening; one minute Reece's father is dead, the next they're trying to marry off our daughter!

"Or, we can kill her and the twins and you proceed with your previous engagement to my daughter." Rohan said suddenly. My heart nearly stopped. Reece's seemed to as well. He was trapped.

"Fine." Reece said, his teeth gritted. "I accept the position."
"What?!" I stepped back from him. Some strange emotion passed over his eyes and his hands clenched into fists.
"I'm glad you accepted Reece." Anastasia spoke up. "You know you're basically the prince around here, although now I guess you're king."
"Very well Reece Hawkwood. We'll come into contact later." Rohan said calmly before averting his gaze to me. "And do send pictures when they're born."
"Yeah we'll be on that." Reece huffed, putting an arm around me and steering me out the doors. They clicked shut behind us and I broke down.

"Vinnie, I'm sorry. I didn't want to bring you in the first place." Reece's voice and movements softened instantly as I started crying. I was afraid and angry but also, unfortunately, hormonal.
"Why didn't you say Maria's father was going to be there?" I sobbed.
"Because I didn't think the whole council would be, he rarely shows up." Reece said. My tears quickly turned into anger and I rounded on him, pointing an accusing finger at him.

"I can't even begin to believe what you just did!" I cried. "You just bartered our daughter's life away!"
"Vinnie I swear it was the only way-" Reece started.
"The only way what? The only way you'd get a position on the council? Why?!" I demanded. 
"So you wanted me to let them kill you and the twins?" Reece said calmly.
"No! Of course not!" Overwhelmed with the moment I dissolved back into tears and Reece caught me in a hug.

"We'll fix this. I promise Vinnie, we'll fix this." He whispered, stroking my hair gently. But I barely heard him.

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  1. Ahh, I see Maria's whole family is just as charming as she is ;) . And I can totally see this decision causing problems for the lovebirds later on.