Thursday, July 30, 2015

Chapter Forty-Two

 A few days after I'd brought Reece to Alexa and Tony's house, we settled into their small backyard to talk. I'd snagged a beach towel from the hallway closet and Reece spread it across the grass.
"Vinnie." He said after a while of silence.
"Hm?" I looked up.
"We can't stay here forever."
"I know, but where do we go? Surely your father knows I'm alive by now." I sighed, inching my fingers over to his. "And with what money?"
"You seem to be forgetting the other part of who my father is, head of the Vampire Council? Owner of multiple homes across the world? Money isn't a problem." Reece chuckled lightly.
"Do you want to go back to Bridgeport? Back to...well everything?" He asked.
"Would it be wrong if I said no?" I said. Reece reached over me and slid me into his lap.

 Placing a hand on the side of his head I kissed him gently, relishing in his presence.
"Of course not. Really though, we can go anywhere you want." Reece assured me.
"But I don't know where I want to go. I've never really been away from Bridgeport until now."
"So city then?"
"No, somewhere quiet." I said, taking a moment to think. Reece stood up, taking each of my hands and pulling me up with him.
"Maybe Moonlight Falls?" He suggested. I nodded, remembering scenic pictures of the northern forest town.
"Let's go look then."
"Look?" I raised an eyebrow.
"They've got a computer in the living room, let's go look up houses." Reece said. I let him take my hand and lead me into the back door and up to the computer.

 In a few swift clicks he had a website up on Moonlight Falls real estate. He began scrolling through the houses and paused at one.
"Not a mansion, just a house!" I exclaimed, swatting him gently. Reece laughed and continued scrolling. We both hm-ed and eh-ed at what we passed until I spotted something. I grabbed his arm.
"Wait, what's that one?" I pointed to a three bedroom cabin with a scenic view and close access to the downtown area. We exchanged a glance; gold eyes into green.
"Pack your bags." Reece said with a grin. "We visit tomorrow."


 "Oh Reece," I sighed. "It's perfect."
"Wait to make decisions 'til we get inside missy." Reece snickered. I waddled ahead of him, hiking my way up the stairs. 
"For all you know I've made up my mind completely." I smiled.

 The house looked large, but considering the other options in this town it was basically a cottage. It had three bedrooms and two bathrooms. I was adamant that the twins have separate rooms and Reece was insistent that we have at least two floors. Our compromise became this house and I knew immediately that we'd be spending a big deal of our lives together here. Almost the same feeling I had when I first saw Reece.

The climate was slightly colder than Los Aniegos, so we had to come wearing sweaters and jeans. Felt a little odd after my few months of beach living but it felt like home for some reason.

Stepping inside just further confirmed my desire to have this house. Normally I'd be against the wood paneled walls alongside wood flooring but I just adored it here.
"Reece." I said, taking his hand.
"Yes?" He asked, walking further inside to investigate the living room area.
"I need this house."
"Vinnie are you absolutely sure-"
"The babies need this house. See? She's kicking me right now." I pleaded, pointing to my stomach. Reece rolled his eyes with a smile and faced me. Taking my other hand in his he looked me in the eyes. Even now, after being a couple for two years, I still melted at his eyes and smile.
"You need it?"
"I need it."
"Then it'll be ours by the end of the month." Reece said.

I squealed with joy, throwing my arms around him into a tight hug. My heart drummed unsteadily in my chest; this was it. We were buying a house together. I was pregnant. Our lives together were truly beginning now. I just hoped it lasted like this for a long time. 
"I agree." Reece whispered in my ear.


 After a week and a half the house was ours. And after two and a half weeks we had moved in. Reece did all of the furniture moving, with help from Tony and a local friend of Reece's. All three men insisted that I sit by and just tell them where to put things. Of course Alexa had come along with Tony and as a fellow pregnant lady, sat beside me and yelled instructions at her boyfriend. Her sort of spunk reminded me of another spitfire ginger in my life.

Our first night in the house was quiet. We lay beside each other, not speaking, just breathing. But something from earlier in the week was on my mind and I needed to say it.
"Reece." I whispered.
"Yeah?" He mumbled, eyes closed.
"What about Kaya and Axel. They don't know I'm alive, do they?" I asked. I saw Reece's eyes open and they glowed in the dark, reminding me of a night long ago.
"No, they don't." Reece sighed. "But we can contact them and invite them to visit if you want."
"I don't know if I'm ready for a visit. What if she hates me?" I whispered.
"Then I'll simply pass on the message." He said. I nodded, my hair brushing against the fabric of the pillow case, and let the silence resume.

Looking at Reece I realized this was our first time sleeping in the same bed since...well since the first time we slept together. I suddenly felt awkward. Reece started snickered. He must have heard my thoughts.
"Vin, I can sleep on the couch you know. If you're uncomfortable, that is." Reece whispered.
"What?" I felt my face go red. Shoving the silly, juvenile thoughts out of my head I snuggled up to him.

"For God's sake I'm only pregnant with your children." I laughed as he put an arm around me.
"Hey, just making sure." He kissed my forehead and settled back into his pillow. For the first time in a long time I felt sleep beginning to wash over me and I wasn't afraid of it. I welcomed it.


 In the early hours of the morning, Reece's voice woke me up. I sat up, rubbing my eyes. 
"Yes, I understand. We'll be there soon." Reece mumbled, talking on the phone in the corner of the room. He hung up the call with a deep sigh.
"Reece what's going on?" I yawned. He jumped slightly, turning around. He had an odd look on his face. Reece walked over and switched on the light next to me.
"Sorry, did I wake you?"
"It's fine, what's wrong?" I yawned again, standing up beside him. The odd look on his face turned to one of slight distress.

"The council is requesting our presence." He began.
"Now? Why?"
"My father's dead."


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  2. I read the whole story of Vinny in this one day and I enjoyed it. Can't wait til more comes out!

    1. Oh wow thank you! You won't be waiting long, next chap should be out in a few days.