Sunday, July 6, 2014

Chapter Thirty-Two

"Vinnie?" I said. She looked around the room with confusion. Her eyes locked onto me and she sighed sadly, hurrying close and pulling my face to hers for a kiss.
It took me a moment to kiss her back, she had caught me by surprise. Why didn't she slap me or shout at me? I had bit her, and still felt horrible about it. Reaching up I took her hands in mine and pulled them down to my side, stepping back from the kiss.
"Vinnie, are you asleep?" I asked.
"Yes, I was. So this is a dream. We're sharing a dream." She said.
"Yeah." I half-smiled. "Vinnie I'm so sorry."
"It was an accident, it'll never happen again. Please, I miss you." I begged, placing a hand on her face. It took her a moment to think before she sighed and smiled sadly. She pressed her forehead to my face for a heartbeat before pulling away.
"Oh Reece, of course I forgive you. Besides that was weeks ago." Her voice sounded strained. "I'm so sorry." She stepped away.
"Sorry for what? Wait weeks ago? It's been three days!" I tried to get close to her but what seemed to be an invisible wall blocked me. 
Vinnie wrapped an arm around her self and I knew she was holding back tears. I banged my fists against the wall, desperately trying to reach her.
"Sorry for what?!" I repeated. She shook her head.
"He said I can't tell you." Vinnie cried.
"Who?" I demanded.
"Reece please, I can't tell you." She straightened. "I guess time works a bit differently in these dreams, my birthday's already past."
"Birthday?" Now I was confused. She was beginning to fade away. Vinnie glanced around and then down at her hands. She brushed her fading hair out of her eyes.
"I'm waking up. Reece, I love you." Vinnie mumbled before disappearing completely. 
I sat up fast, sweaty and out of breath. My father's voice drifted out of his office and I crept out of my room, shutting the door behind me as quietly as possible. He was probably discussing some business with my uncle or another one of his associates. Either way it was a good cover for my escape. I threw open the front apartment door.
I skipped the elevator, instead hopping down a few flights of stairs at a time. One of the very few times I thank myself for being born a vampire. I didn't bother taking my new car, it was too obnoxious-rich-boy anyway. Half of my head was trying to tell me she was fine, just some weird dream but the other half was screaming that she was gone again. And I'd have to find her or maybe I wouldn't and I'd never see her ever again.

Once the cab pulled up to her street I threw a wad of cash and the driver and slammed the door shut. Without thinking I ran right to her house.
Vinnie's cat was sitting in the driveway and meowed loudly at me. I froze in my tracks as multiple smells assaulted my nose. Two very distinct smells. Blood and death. I looked around, hoping that it was some dead animal. But something caught my eye before I could go inside; blood smeared on the side of the house.
Her cat just killed something, I thought desperately, that's all. As calmly as possible I walked up the the door. The moment my knuckles touched it, it seemed to swing open of it's own accord. Erie silence echoed off the walls and I could feel tears stinging my eyes as I raced to the open bedroom.
That was human blood! My head screamed. Stop denying the fucking truth!
"NO!" I shouted out loud. The room was empty. I spun around. Her cellphone lay on the side table, blinking with missed calls.
"Vinnie." Her name escaped my lips in a sob. Rage and grief threw itself into my heart.
"No, no, no! This isn't happening. This isn't happening!" I cried. Covering my face with my hands my mind raced back to the year before. And more specifically who had helped me.
Reaching into my pocket I ripped out my phone. Blu did have a number and I had it. The dial tone echoed through the room.
"Hello, you've reached Blu. I'm not here right now but leave a message and I'll try to get back to you." BEEP.
"Blu, I know you're listening." I said, my voice shaking. With anger or grief? I didn't know. "It's happened again. She's gone. You have to help me. COME ON, pick up the phone dammit! If you don't help me I swear to God, I can and will rip your throat out." The voice mail beeped again, ending the message.
I sunk to the ground, dropping my phone. I'd find her this time. And then we'll run away, get out of this godforsaken city. But, I just have to find her.


If anyone is confused, Reece got the dream the day after Vinnie ran away, but SHE got the dream a few weeks after she left. Does that help?


  1. Love this story! Can't wait to see what happens next. The dream thing is interesting. I wish I could do that xD

  2. I think it makes sense that two people could have the same dream on different days. It never occurred to me though :)