Friday, July 4, 2014

3000 View Special!

This has no effect on the current chapters (or future ones) of WITW, think of it as a parallel universe where everything is okay. Enjoy and thank you so much for 3,000 views.

 "Like I was saying, you don't need to be friends with the other moms, I mean I'm not." Kaya shrugged, pulling a glass out from under the bar. I glanced over at the pool, Adelind clung onto Reece's leg as he dangled her over the pool.
"Reece! Be careful!" I called. 
"Mhm yeah." He said, I rolled my eyes. Lucy's laugh rang out and as I glanced over she fell backwards into Percy's lap. Kaya was watching as well.
"Who knew our kids would be together." She sighed. The years had flown by; one minute I was pregnant the next married. We'd waited a few after Percy to have Adelind and Kaya had done similar. Her and Axel's oldest was a year and a half younger than Percy and the twins were the same age as Adelind.
Waves crashed quietly below and I sighed. I couldn't imagine a better life for us, and we were all together. Kaya poured drinks for the adults.
"Hey, what time do fireworks start?" Axel asked, sneaking another piece of pizza. Kaya shot him a glance. She set the tray down.
"Soon." My best friend grabbed one of the drinks and sipped it. Behind me I heard a girlish laugh and a splash in the pool.
Reece padded up, brushing a lock of hair behind my ear. Little things like that always made my heart thud, just like when we were teenagers. I could have pulled him closer and kissed him forever right there, but for the sake of our kids and friends I didn't. The sun dipped lower in the sky, the last of it's light glinting off of Reece's eyes. Which now also belonged to my son.
"We should round up the kids soon." He said. I stood up, looping my arm through his.
"Might as well do it now." The lights along the railing began to illuminate. I grabbed a last handful a chips before meandering over to the edge to stare out to the ocean. 
"Adie, out of the pool." I called over my shoulder. "Everyone else come over too."
My youngest grumbled something but I could hear her getting out of the water. Not long after, multiple sets of footsteps pattered over, everyone taking up a spot to watch fireworks.
"I don't see anything." Percy whispered. Reece wrapped both arms around my neck and rested his chin on my head. Little Adelind reached up and took my hand. After a moment of silence something whizzed into the sky, exploding into a shower of color.
It was these little moments that made me the happiest. Just knowing that I had my soul mate, my children, and my close friends all with me at once. Reece sighed, brushing his hand across my shoulder. The light of the firework faded away but was quickly replaced by another.
I could hear Kaya and Axel whispering to each other. The two of them had been through their own version of what Reece and I had been through and it was great that they stood here stood, with their kids.
Not to mention the two who could potentially link our families. They were young, but then again; hadn't Reece and I been? Something sizzled between them for sure, and I knew that whatever was to be between them was only beginning.
Reece and I? Life was amazing. No threats of any kind, no anyone else trying to break us apart, and our kids were safe. We could go to sleep knowing that everything would be fine in the morning. At least, in this world.

Happy Fourth of July!

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  1. I love these alternate universe things. Its very clever! :D