Sunday, June 1, 2014

Chapter Thirty-One

*quick note my dears*
there's a wee bit of a continuity error in a few pics, just ignore it

"Happy birthday!" Eddie and Scarlett cried, pulling party poppers as I blew out my eighteenth birthday candles. Weeks had whizzed by and it was now October. I knew the day would be hard by the end, it would be my first birthday without Lauri. I'd never had a birthday with Reece. I never told him, but my seventeenth birthday passed when Maria had kidnapped me. 
"So how do you feel, adult?" Scarlett squealed.
"Pretty good." I smiled. Eddie pulled up her camera and snapped a quick picture.
"Hey!" I protested, crossing my arms. Scarlett rolled her eyes.
"So presents or cake first?" She asked.
"Uh..." I tapped my chin.
"Oh my God," Edalyn whispered, glancing outside.
"Geez Ed, the choice'll take five seconds." I said.
"No not that, there's some guy on the deck!" She whispered.
"Who is it?" Scarlett whispered, peeking over her twin's shoulder. Edalyn shrugged, staring out the glass door at the mystery man.I slipped around the counter and gasped. Edalyn moved to let me pass. I'd know that blue hair and vest anywhere. I pushed past Edalyn and unlocked the door. Without a second thought I threw it open.
"Blu!" I cried, running towards him. His hair was cut differently but still his signature color. He smiled when he saw me and stepped off the fence, taking a few steps closer. I nearly threw myself at him, wrapping my arms around his neck.
"Hey there Vinnie." He mumbled. I tightened the hug, burrowing my face in his neck.
"You came back."
"I did." Blu said, pulling away to arms length.
"Did you tell Reece? Is he okay? What about Kaya? When can I go back?" I asked, questions spilling out. His smile faltered and he averted his eyes.
"No Vinnie. Reece doesn't know. In fact, he went out looking for you the day after you left." He explained. 
"And you told him right?"
"Of course not. Vinnie, I helped you escape for a reason. He is the majority of the reason you had to leave." Blu said. My heart sunk. I took a step back, brushing a hair out of my eyes. It was silent for a moment, only the sound of the river meandering by.
"Reason?" I said at last, my voice quiet. He sighed.
"Everything bad that's ever happened to you is his fault."
"His fault? How?! The prophecy is not his fault. Blame his father, blame Koran, blame Maria, but don't you dare blame him!" I snapped. Blu held up his hands.
"But there's one thing I need to know." I said quietly.
"Why? Why didn't you tell me I was your sister? Why didn't you tell me I was a a Time Jumper?" I pleaded. "And why didn't you help me? When I was kidnapped and you were there." He sighed and looked away, running a hand through his hair. I waited patiently for his response.
"I didn't tell you you were my sister because I was unsure. When I was eight my parents had a baby, a baby girl. They didn't tell me her name but my mother quickly sent her away. A little after that I ran away to stay with my best friend, who lived in Bridgeport. When I met you, when you were still injured and unconscious, I sat on you bed with you. Reece came in and demanded he sit with you. But I tried to get up you held onto me. And it was then that I began to piece together who you were." He explained. I stayed silent.
"I mean, there were the obvious signs; your necklace, your eyes, your hair." Blu reached out, sliding a strand of silky hair between his fingers.

"But why did you wait to tell me I was your sister until...that day?" I asked. He seemed to have forgotten my other questions, but I didn't press for answers on those. His brilliant green eyes stared directly into mine.
"I'd seen your timeline and I knew I would be a long time before I could see you again. So I wanted to leave you with that knowledge. To do with what you please."
"It's true though. You are my brother?" I looked up at him. He smiled and nodded. With a sniff I fell against him, tears streaming down my cheeks.
"You know, I thought this might make you happy." He joked. I laughed.
"It does," I said between sniffs, pulling away. "For these last few weeks, I thought I was an orphan. That all of my family was...dead."
"But here I am."
"Here you are."
He pulled out of our hug.
"By the way," He said. "Any baby name ideas?"
"Wait what?!" My jaw dropped and blushed furiously. "How-how do you know?!"
"Easy there sister," Blu laughed. "I looked into your timeline when I sent you out of Bridgeport."
"Oh God." I covered my face with my hands, embarrassment. He laughed again and pulled them away.
"It's alright Vinnie." With a flick of his hand he had pulled out his pocket watch. 
"Do you have to go?"
"Yes." He nodded. I sighed. "This isn't the last time we'll see each other, I promise. Oh, and happy birthday!"
With that he disappeared into beams of bright light. I continued to stand there even though he was gone for a moment, before returning to the house. I don't think he realized it but he had just given me the best birthday present I could have possible asked for.
Both Eddie and Scarlett were standing waiting as soon as I shut the door.
"Who was the hottie?" Edalyn asked, wiggling her eyebrows.
"Oh wait, is he him?" Scarlett squealed. I rolled my eyes at both of them.
"No." Tucking hair behind my ear and pushing past them I said, "He's my brother."



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