Monday, April 21, 2014

Chapter Thirty

After I'd been living with Scarlett and Edalyn for a week and a half I began to feel happier. I fell into a routine with them and even bought some new clothes. On a Friday morning I came downstairs, the smell of waffles wafting through the house.
I came into the kitchen just as Edalyn was pulling the waffles out of the oven. She kicked the oven shut and I slid into the seat beside Scarlett. 
"Eat up ladies." She said, placing plates in front of us.
"Jesus, it so hot today." Edalyn moaned, fanning herself with her hand. I took a bite of the waffles.
"If your so hot then go jump in the water, it's right over there." Scarlett said with her mouth full, rolling her eyes.
"Oh! I forgot, my boyfriend's visiting in a few months." She exclaimed, the mouthful swallowed.
"Which one?" 
"Hey! I'm totally monogamous now." Scarlett snapped, Edalyn rolled her eyes. The sudden ring of a phone startled me.
 "Hello?" Edalyn flipped out her phone. "Mhm."
Scarlett mumbled something and went back to her waffles. I finished my first waffle and look up at Edalyn.
"Seriously? I swear, I've never met a more needy pregnant woman in my whole life." Edalyn snorted. I stiffened. She payed no attention.
"Yeah Brooke, be there in ten."
"Gotta run, see you around dinner." She said, stuffing the phone back into her pocket and heading for the door. Scarlett and I finished our waffles in silence. I couldn't stop thinking about my pregnancy. How long could I hide it? Would they kick me out? I pushed my plate away.
"I have a phonecall to make, but we can go shopping afterwards." Scarlett said, standing up.
"Yeah, sure." I watched her leave before following up the stairs. Her laugh could be heard outside of her door. I pushed open my door and it swung shut behind me.
I screamed, jumping backwards. A ghostly figure sat in the chair beside the balcony. My heart hammered against my ribs.
The ghost looked up. A look of sad delight crossed it's face and it glided over. Looking closer the ghost began to take on a more feminine shape. It hand long hair and wore a skirt and tank top. 
It placed it's hands on my shoulders.
"Vinnie..." Lauri's voice sighed.
"Oh my God." I said, my voice quivering. "Your-you.."
"I know. I left you." She frowned. 
"Who did this to you? Who killed you?" I demanded. Her lips moved but her voice was gone. She tried to yell but her form disappeared.
I wiped a few tears off my cheeks. I'd come this far without crying, and I knew if I started I'd lose myself completely.Catching my breath I moved over to the mirror, running my thumb over my necklace. Voices began to play in my head.
"It's happening again!"
"Reece, there's something else you need to know."
"What?! Just what the hell what?!"
"Lauri's dead. Her body was outside the house."
 "Holy shit. I need to get out there, I need to FIND HER."
"Reece, all her stuff was still there, her phone and all her clothes."
"No, no, NO!"
The voices blurred away. I pressed the heels of my hands into my eyes to keep from crying. Glancing sideways at the mirror my eyes rested on my stomach. Would our baby ever know it's father? I placed my hands on my stomach and rubbed it gently.
"Vinnie is everything okay I heard a screa-" Scarlett walked in. I spun around. Silence filled the room. We stared at each other, neither saying a single word.
"Oh God," I whispered.
"Vinnie, are you...pregnant?" Scarlett asked slowly. I was quiet.
"Yes." I said, bursting into tears.
"You weren't ever supposed to know!" I cried, burying my face in my hands. She stepped closer, wrapping an arm around my shoulder.
"Honey, I think we oughta talk." I let Scarlett lead me over to the edge of the bed. We sat down together and I kept my face covered. Her hand rubbed my shoulder.
"Who's the, er, father?" She asked.
"My boyfriend. I haven't seem him for about a week and a half." I mumbled.
"How long have you known?"
"A week and a half." I cried.
"Is this why you left?" Scarlett said.
I looked up.
"What's the other reason?"
"I don't think I can tell you." I said, gulping to catch my breath. She opened her mouth as if to say something but closed it and squeezed my shoulder. Scarlett brushed her hair back with a sigh.
"When you're ready you can tell me."
"I'm not sure if I'll ever be ready." I mumbled, too quiet for her to hear.
"And don't worry, we won't kick you out." She said, seeming to read my thoughts.
"You won't?"
"Of course not! What kind of people would we be to throw a defenseless pregnant girl out into the streets of a town she barely knows?"
I wiped away my tears, hunching over.
"Have you thought any names?" She asked. I turned to look at her, the smallest smile forming on my lips. Maybe things would be okay.


  1. LOL, the sisters are fun, bickering with each other. o.O Sounds like that one sister didn't like whoever it was who called. Scarlett's nice to not kick Vinnie out for being pregnant.

  2. lol. How would they never know? Was she gonna hide the kid under the bed or something? Silly Vinnie.

    These sisters are pretty awesome! Where the heck are they from and how do they do it? :)