Saturday, August 3, 2013

Special 1000 Views Crack Chapter

NOTE: This has no affect at all on the real story. It just for giggles.

 "Guys! I had an awesome idea." Reece said, giddy with excitement.
"Let's go time-traveling!" He gestured to the machine beside him, grinning to the four teenagers in front of him.
"Time-traveling? Is that safe?" Axel asked, scratching his neck.
"Depeneds on what you mean. Yes it's dangerous, we could potentially mess up the space time continium." Kaya answered, pushing her glasses up her nose.
"I don't know what that is." Axel muttered.
"Basically it's just a bunch of wibbly-wobbly timey wimey stuff." Vinnie said.
"So what do you guys say? Time-travel?" Reece asked.
"I don't know Reece, it doesn't sound like a very good idea." His girlfriend said.
Reece however, wasn't listening. He began punching in a random date.
The doors opened and a purple light streamed out. The group couldn't see what was inside, but that didn't bother Reece. The vampire dived right in.
"Reece!" Vinnie cried before prying the time machine doors open.
And throwing herself in after her boyfriend.
"Vin - oh great." Kaya sighed.
Axel and Kaya shared a look.
"Wait! Whoa whoa whoa. Please tell me you're not going in there too." Maria groaned.
"Great. Just great." She growled. "Now I have to go after them." Maria stepped up to the machine, it's doors still open.
"Here goes nothing."

"AHHHHHH!" Maria screamed as the machine threw her out and across a yard. She looked around.
A group of kids lay on the ground unconscious. But it wasn't just any group.
"Oh shit." Maria sighed. Reece and Axel stirred at her voice and stood up.
"Vinnie!' Reece cried rushing over to her.
"Vinnie you okay?" Reece asked. She sat up.
"Yeah I - WHAT THE HELL." She shouted, jumping off the ground. "Why do I look ten?!"
"Because you are?" Reece shrugged.
 "What the hell Reece?! This was your brilliant plan?" Maria hissed.
"No, we were just supposed to go back in time. Not age down!" He retorted.
"Well would you look at us?! We're all like ten years old!" She snapped.
"Lay off Maria, he didn't mean for it to happen!" Vinnie spat.
"Well it happened." Kaya piped up.
"At least you're still cute Ax." She said, hugging her boyfriend.
"So...what now?"
"Enjoy childhood?" Axel shrugged. Reece took Vinnie's hand.
"Come on, let's go somewhere alone." Reece said, eying the others.
"Okay!" The two headed over to an old teal jungle gym. Maria went off to sulk by the sand box and Kaya took Axel to the swingset.
"You're still pretty Vin." Reece murmured.
"Oh Reece." Vinnie blushed.
"Come on Axel can't you push higher? Are you a wizard or aren't you?" Kaya's voice pulled Vinnie's attention to the other couple.
"Yeah but I never...huff...went to Hogwarts." Axel joked.
 Reece brought Vinnie back over with a kiss. Vinnie pulled away.
"Reece! I'm not legal!" She squealed.
"You weren't exactly legal before." That comment earned him a slap on the cheek. "Heh sorry."
He swept Vinnie into his arms.
"Let's go do something more 'age appropriate.'"
"Okay." Vinnie giggled.
"Wee!" Vinnie exclaimed, jumping on a trampoline.
"Reece be careful, don't jump too high." Vinnie scolded.
"Vi you sound like my mother." Reece laughed.
"Kids! Come inside, it's getting dark." A woman's voice called. All five stopped what they were doing.
A ghost stood on the veranda. A female ghost. The group stayed silent.
Axel smacked his hand over Kaya's mouth to suppress a scream.
"Wait a minute." Reece murmured.
"That's my mom!" Reece cried, racing over to the woman.
"Mom!" The woman held out her ghostly arms.
Reece gladly threw himself into them.
"Mom I missed you so much."
"I missed you too Reecey." She said.


All five kids settled into the living room while Reece's mom cooked dinner.
"So how are we going to get out of here?" Maria asked.
"Leave?" Reece said sadly.
"Yes Reece, we have our own timeline." Maria said sharply.
"So when should we leave." Vinnie asked.
"Well I don't exactly know how to do that." Reece admitted.
"You mean leave?"
"Pff, that's not the only thing he doesn't know how to do." Maria smirked.
"Shut up." Vinnie said, facing Maria.
"Kids! Dinner's ready!"
They continued to talk over their dinner of mac n cheese.
"I don't know how long we'll be here. We might have to return to our former ages." Reece said.
"What?! That means we have to wait seven years! Six in Vinnie's case." Kaya cried.
"Hey it's just a theory." Axel reassured her.
"But it might be true." Reece said, getting up from the table. "Let's go to bed, we can talk about this in the morning."
He headed up the stairs, closely followed by the others.
"Where do we sleep?" Axel wondered out loud.
"Maybe this is a bedroom." Reece said, walking through a doorway.
"Huh, a nursery. This looks oddly familiar." Reece mused.
The room suddly shifted into a room fit for two kids.
"Um, Axel I think this is ours." Reece called.
" 'Night girls." Axel called, the door swinging shut behind him.
The girls turned to the other door in the hallway.
"This must be for us." Kaya said.
The door opened into a very pink bedroom, perfect for three young girls.
"I call top bunk!" Vinnie said, hurrying over.
"Good, I don't want to be near you."
In the other room Reece crawled onto his bed.
"Goodnight Reece." Axel said.
"Night Axe." Reece said as the lights clicked off.
"Goodnight Vinnie. Maybe we'll find our way home tomorrow." Kaya murmured from the bottom bunk.
"Maybe." Vinnie whispered, closing her eyes.


Five teenagers lay sprawled across a room, all unconscious.
The white haired female sat up. She looked around the room.
Did any of that really happen? She thought, gazing up at the time machine.
That's up to you Vivienne, was it real?


  1. That was fun!!! :)
    Congrats on your 1000 views!!!

  2. Oooh! That was fun! I enjoyed reading that. What a cool idea! I really liked that Reece got to see his mom again, that part was a little sad, but in a happy way. Loved it!

  3. Congrats on the views! =) That was a creative little side story. Nice job!

  4. What a fantastic story! "Wibbley-wobbley timey-wimey stuff" YES! LOVE DW!!!!!! Brilliant!

    I thought this was a very cute story and I can't imagine all the time you spent getting it to work. o_O Fantastic job!