Sunday, August 4, 2013

Chapter Nineteen

"You guys run ahead, I'll carry her." I said, watching them fade into the darkness. Leaning into the car I gently pulled her into my arms.
"It's gonna be okay. You're gonna be okay." I whispered to her lifeless body. With a shaky sigh I hurried towards the entrance, blood dripping onto the pavement.
A woman stood at the doors in a sweatshirt and slippers.
"I came as fast as I could." Lauri said, taking sight of Vinnie. "Is she-"
"I don't know." I snapped. She stepped aside as I entered the building, yanking the elevator open.
The ride up was quiet. Every so often Vinnie seemed to breath, which seemed like a good sign. But anything could go wrong. The elevator made bing before opening onto my floor. I kicked the apartment door open where Blu stood waiting.
"Reece give her to me."
"No, I'm taking care of her." I said stubbornly.
"I'm a doctor, she's losing blood, give her to me." Blu said before gently pulling her from my arms.
"Now stay out here."
"What?! Hell no!" I cried. I had to be with her, I'd just found her.
"We don't need you hovering. Kaya!" Blu called and the ginger came out of my room.
"It's all set up." She said.
The door opened and Blu headed inside, taking with him the only thing I cared about.
"Why does Axel get to be in there but not me?!" I asked, turning to face Kaya.
"Because he knows a few healing things, Lauri's in there too." She murmured.
"Reece, it's going to be okay." Kaya placed a gentle hand on my shoulder.
"Is it really?"

I had pulled one of the couches from the living room so we wouldn't have to sit on the floor. Already three and a half hours had passed.
"How." I muttered. "How am I supposed to make up for this?!"
"It isn't your fault." 
"Yes. It is. Who's uncle is it? Who's crazy ex-friend is it? Who's fucking father is it?!" I spat.
"Yes but It wasn't you." Kaya said. As I started to look up to say something the door opened.
Lauri stepped out, sniffling.
"Well?" I said, jumping up.
"She's okay. She's still unconscious but we were able to clean off all of the blood. That man-"
"Blu." I interrupted.
"Yes Blu, gave her stitches for her face and side. The bullet wound is heavily bandaged, but she'll be okay for now." Lauri said. I let out a sigh of relief. The door opened again and Axel stepped out, a tired look clung to his face.
"Ax, you okay?" Kaya asked, reaching for her boyfriend. Axel nodded.
"Come on, we should go." He said. I stood for a moment watching them leave. I slid past Lauri and into the room.
My room had been turned into a makeshift hospital room. Blu got up from his spot and walked out of the room.
"Half an hour." He said as he passed me.
Vinnie definitely looked better, her face had no large smears of blood and she was wearing cleaner clothes.
"Vinnie?" I said softly, moving closer. No response. I sighed and started to head over to the chairs.
She sat up suddenly, her breathing ragged and she was looking around wildly. I hurried over.
"Vinnie, Vinnie calm down. You're safe." I whispered, staring into her eyes. She didn't speak, as though she'd forgotten how. 
"Lie back down, you're injured." I sat down on the bed and pulled her into my arms.
"You're safe. No one's going to hurt you." I rested my cheek against her forehead.
"Please don't leave." Vinnie murmured, tightening her frail grip on my arm.
"I won't." We stayed like that for awhile. Neither of us spoke, all we needed was each others company.
"Reece, time's up." Blu called through the door.
"No!" She cried. I slid off the bed.
"I'll be back. But you need rest."
"I don't need rest. I've been unconscious for who knows how long." She snapped, hurt swimming in her green eyes.
"I know I know. But you're injured. We don't need you overexerting yourself." I said, squeezing her hands before standing up.

The door opened as we both turned to look at Blu. He pointed to me and tapped his wrist. 
I sighed and kissed Vinnie's forehead, looking at both of them one more time before walking out of the room, leaving Blu to do what he did best.
At least I hope it was what he did best.


  1. I'm really glad they found her and fixed her before it was too late.
    Great chapter!!

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