Saturday, August 24, 2013

Chapter Twenty-Two

I lay sprawled across the bed, still in the clothes from last night. Light streamed in through the window and Lauri's fist thumped on the door.
"Get up Vinnie." She called. I moaned in response, rolling over.
"You can't pine away forever. Now get dressed, someone's here for you."
"If it's Reece tell him to screw himself, I don't want to see him." I said, louder so he would be able to hear me.
"Well here's a hint, I'm not Reece. I'm a ginger." Kaya's voice called through the door. I moaned once more before pulling myself off the bed and getting dressed.Once I was ready I opened the door.
"Much better."


"Do we have to talk about this?"
"Yes." Kaya said, crossing her legs.
"So what happened?" Lauri piped up.
"I told him I was tired of being protected." I grumbled, my heart aching from our fight.
"You can't be serious." Kaya sighed.
"Well I fucking am." Lauri shot me a glare. "Sorry." I mumbled. Lauri got up and headed inside, her phone ringing loudly.
"That just doesn't make sense. Why wouldn't you want to be protected?" Kaya asked.
"Because, I'm my own person. I don't need him watching over me." I said, looking up and meeting her eyes.
"But Vinnie-"
"Why? Why do I need protection. Why is everyone trying to kill me?!" I snapped.
"That's exactly why Vinnie." Kaya said softly. I moaned and lay back in the grass.
"You him right?"
"Kaya, I love him." I breathed.
"Then you shouldn't be mad at him for trying to keep you safe."
"I guess." I mumbled.
"Good, because I invited him and Axel over." 
"YOU WHAT?!" I shrieked, sitting up fast. Kaya grinned.
"And here they are now." She said.
Sure enough, Axel and Reece arrived and were walking towards us. Axel sat down beside Kaya and Reece sat next to me. I avoided his gaze.
Kaya and Axel began talking animatedly, leaving us two in an awkward silence.
"Vinnie." Reece sighed.
"What." I snapped quietly.
"Don't be like this." He whispered.
"You know how I feel."
Kaya and Axel stood up and walked away, leaving us alone.
"Honestly I'm sorry. I...I don't want to upset you." He sighed.
"Well you did." I spat.
I looked at him. I wanted to hug or kiss him but for some reason I was determined to stay angry. He crawled forwards, his faces inches from mine.
"Don't Reece. I'm not in the mood." I mumbled. He ignored my comment.
And pressed his lips against mine. I instantly forgot why I was mad at him. Wrapping my arms around his neck I pulled him to the ground.
"I'm sorry." He said between kisses.
"Don't be." I said, pulling him closer.
His arms gripped my back, pulling me slightly up to him. I knotted my fingers through his hair, wrapping one leg around his. I never wanted to stop but he pulled away, breaking our lips apart.
"I don't like fighting." I breathed, panting. My heart pounded in my chest, I was sure he could feel it, our bodies pressed close together.
"Then let's not fight." He whispered, rolling over.


"So..we're okay?" He asked as we stood outside the front door, saying goodbye for the day.
"Yeah. We're okay." I said, looking up through my eyelashes with a grin. Reece's finger stroked my cheek before pulling me close by the chin.
His hand left the wall and so did mine. I pulled away from the kiss before it could get too intimate, seeing as Lauri would be walking outside any minute.
"Bye." He said.
"Bye." I whispered.


  1. I'd love to read this but a lot of the chapters aren't showing up for me. I've loved what I have been able to read though.

    1. Hm that's odd. I'll set up a Table of Contents page to see if that might help. Glad to hear you like it though ^u^

  2. Yay I'm happy she made up with Reece.

  3. Happy chapter! I'm glad you made up with him :D This is Amandralynn from the sims 3 forums. Catching up with your story!