Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Chapter Twenty-Three

- 2 Days Later -
Kaya and I sat huddled on the living room, half eaten pizza beside us and the TV flashing a Harry Potter marathon. Lauri had yet to come home, she'd been called to work extra late today.
"Hey Vin. Axel's having a party on Friday. He asked me if I could ask you." Kaya said suddenly.
"Uh yeah sure. I could do with some fun." I gave her a forced smile.
"Are you okay? You seem...gone."
I sighed. I'd been feeling off since I'd last seen Reece.
"Fine. I'm fine." I looked down, staring at a rip in my jeans instead of meeting her gaze. Kaya sighed. She turned away and took a swig from her soda. I reached up and felt around for my necklace, rubbing the familiar metal between my fingers. A sudden sharp, hot pain raced up into my finger tips.
"Ow!" I cried, dropping the necklace, letting it hit my chest.
"What was that about?" Kaya choked. Holding up my hand into the light I saw bright red burn marks on my fingers.
"It-it burned me!" I exclaimed. Kaya reached a tentative hand towards my chest and rested it in her hand.
"That's weird. It's just an old pocket-watch right?" She asked, examining the small clock face.
"Yeah I think so." I replied as she let go of the necklace.
I slouched back against the couch, running my burned fingers through my hair.
"You know, it that light you look a lot like Blu." Kaya remarked. Looking down at my usually white hair-turned blue and smiled slightly.
"His hair is tackier. And darker." I joked. Kaya snorted. She returned her brown eyes to the screen, becoming re-immersed into the movie. I gazed lazily over to the back door, hoping to catch a glance of Bridgeport's lights.
 I screamed. Maria was standing right there. Kaya choked on her slice of pizza. I scrambled behind the couch, my heart pounding and my breaths coming out fast and short.
"Vinnie?!" She placed a hand on my shoulder, shaking me. The necklace stung through my sweater against my chest. I blinked back tears, choking on a sob.
"Maria! She's-she's right there!" I cried. My head hurt like hell and my necklace continued to sting me. I placed both hands on the side of my head and shut my eyes. Kaya rose slightly.
"Vinnie...there's no one there." She said. I coughed and opened my eyes. I reached a shaking hand down and yanked the necklace off, the clasp breaking against my neck. I too stood up slightly.
"No..no no no. That's not possible. She was right there." I cried. Kaya pulled me into a full standing position. She bent down and picked up the necklace. I cringed away but Kaya fastened it around my neck.
"Vin, I think you need some sleep." She said softly.
"Okay. You're...you're probably right." We headed into the bedroom and changed into our pajamas. The second I relaxed into bed my phone buzzed.
"Ugh, who's calling?" Kaya moaned. I checked the caller I.D. : Reece <3
"Hello?" I said, leaving the room and wandering into the bathroom.
"Vinnie? Are you okay?" Reece's panicked voice traveled into the room.
"I'm fine," I lied. "Why are you-"
"Calling? I don't know. I felt something weird. Like I'd put my fingers into sunlight even though I have the mark." Reece said. I thought for a moment, the mark he was talking about was a rune that Vampires got tattooed onto them to allow them to walk into the sun. I glanced down at my burned fingertips.
"It wouldn't happen to have been your right hand...would it?" I said slowly.
"Yeah it was. Vinnie did something-" The click of the front door caught my attention.
"I-um, I can't talk now. See you Saturday." I whispered frantically, ending the call before he could say anything. With a sigh I slipped back into the bedroom. I only had one thought on my mind falling asleep,
What the hell just happened?