Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Chapter Forty-Five

"Vinnie, you can't hold them forever." Reece chuckled softly. I cradled the twins in my arms
"Why not?" I asked.
"Because their father wants a turn too." He said, lifting Percy out of my arms. It had been seven blissful months for us to be a family. Reece notified the council as soon as they were settled in at home, much to my reluctance. Reece's grandfather had given us seven months to be with just them before bringing them before him. As much as I feared and distrusted the council we had to, he was their family and at least it wasn't the entire council. Just him.

Quinn was the older of the twins. She had Reece's black hair and my eyes. Although unlike her father, they didn't glow and she wasn't as pale as him. Reece said that since they were only half vampire, their appearances would be more human. Quinn was definitely the more lively one of the pair, always making noise and wanting attention. On the frustrating side of things, she was sensitive and hurt and cried very easily. And few things calmed her down, it was either Percy or both Reece and I. Her little problems aside I loved her with every bit of my being.

Percy was the opposite of his sister in almost every way. He had my hair and Reece eyes. And he was quiet and happy all the time. Funnily enough, he reminded me of Blu sometimes. Reece liked to joke around and say Quinn sucked away all of his emotions besides joy and took them on herself. When he laughed you could see his tiny baby fangs which Reece thought was the cutest thing in the world. Quinn had them too, but whenever her mouth was open it was normally crying.

"Don't be so down, you know this is unavoidable." Reece said as I carried Quinn down the stairs.
"That's exactly why I'm down." I sighed, settling Quinn into her highchair. Reece appeared beside me and did the same for Percy.
"Sure that's all that's bothering you?" He asked.
"Totally. Well I did have this really weird dream last night." I shrugged.
"Yeah me too." Reece said. We both stared at each other for a moment before giggling. I always forgot that we shared dreams now and again, and as of late even shared thoughts.
"And what about you?" I asked.
"Are you okay? It is your grandfather." I said.
"I don't know...the last time I spoke to him was six months ago, and before that it was years and years since we'd talked." Reece sighed, his gold eye downcast.

I leaned forward and gave him a quick kiss.
"We've got this, it's just a meet right?"

"So I guess we actually have to leave now huh?" I sighed, wishing we could just stay in the house forever, never having to deal with the council. Reece nodded and moved around me to pick up Percy. 
"At least they didn't call at four in the morning again." Reece smiled, reaching for his car keys off the counter. I balanced Quinn on my hip and laughed lightly, following him out to the car.

Our drive was all silent but the radio and the twins making baby noises in the backseat. Reece pulled into the empty parking lot and we unloaded the kids. With a deep breath I followed Reece inside.

"Reecy!" Catalina purred, her blue eyes lighting up. Her eyes instantly locked onto Percy and then onto Quinn. "Do my eyes deceive me or are those yours?"
"Catalina." Reece said sharply. "We're here on business, and we'd like to be here no longer than we have to."
"Fine." She pouted, crossing her arms. "Your grandfather is waiting in the council room."
"Thank you." Reece nodded and gestured for me to follow him. I made a weak attempt at a smile towards Catalina as I scurried after Reece, Quinn tight in my arms.

"Why is this place so empty?" I asked softly, my voice echoing off the walls. Reece shrugged.
"Most of the council is probably asleep, or off working with the small councils of other supernaturals."
"There's other councils?" I whispered. My mind drifted to Axel, I was pretty sure his father was a high ranking warlock. Axel. Kaya. I needed to see her again. Although by now she probably hated my guts. Reece stopped in front of the same double doors as seven months ago. We exchanged a glance and a nod and Reece opened the door. His grandfather's red eyes and sour face met us inside.

"Nice of you to show up boy." Daminier snapped. I jumped at the harshness in his tone. Reece looked like he was struggling to keep his temper down. Percy tugged at his shirt, bringing a smile to his face.
"Thanks for the warm welcome Daminier." He said icily. His grandfather's hostile eyes raked over the twins.
"So this is them?" He asked.
"Yes this is 'them'. Percy and Quinn." Reece said. I stepped closer to him, displaying our daughter to her great-grandfather. Daminier raised an eyebrow.
"Mind if we speak alone?" He asked suddenly.
"What? No, Vinnie stays-"
"Reece there are things I wish to discuss that her ears need not hear." He said harshly. Reece set Percy on the ground and I did the same for Quinn.

"It's fine." I said, grateful that he didn't want me in there. I didn't want to be there with him. Reece frowned. Lately he didn't like leaving me alone, especially in places like this. Places of the council. I knew his trust for them wavered.
"Are you sure? Because you can-"
"No Reece. I'll go it's fine." I whispered.
"You may wait in the room across the hall Vivienne, there's chairs in there." Daminier said. All the hairs on my arms stood up as he addressed me directly. I nodded numbly. Reece gave my hand a squeeze before I slipped away and out the door. It clicked shut behind me and I faced the next set of doors. Some peace and quiet in this creepy place. I pushed open the doors.

And was met by a familiar face and Scottish accent.
"Hey there beautiful." Cedrick grinned.

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