Thursday, May 21, 2015

Chapter Forty-One

 Per Alexa's request I went out to the nearby park the next day. She and Tony both assured me it was safe enough. According to Tony I'd been in their house long enough to have my scent masked by theirs. Which was an odd yet comforting thought. The park had a beautiful pond and it was empty, spare for a young family on the other side. With a content sigh I cradled my belly gently. I was still afraid of being a single mother and being able to keep the two of them safe.

Staring into the clear blue water I wondered if I'd ever go back to Bridgeport, find Kaya and tell her everything. But  more importantly would I ever get back to Reece? Blu had said everything was his fault but I still refused to believe that. I was so caught up in my own thoughts that I didn't hear someone come up behind me.
"Oh my God..." A painstakingly familiar voice said. 
 "Vinnie?" Reece's voice cracked over my name. This was all some horrible dream, another time hallucination. But I wasn't wearing my necklace. I stood still, frozen.
"Vinnie, please tell me that's you." Reece said and in the same moment I turned to him, he swept me into a tight embrace.
"Oh my God. Oh my God." Reece cried, clinging to me tightly. I immediately broke down into tears.
"You're here. You're real." I whispered, taking in his smell and touch as much as possible. Every single shred of love I'd been repressing for him resurfaced and every part of me ached for him.
"I thought you were dead." He pressed his face into my neck.
"I'm so sorry." I said.
 "I'm so stupid, I was so scared." I rambled. "I've never missed anyone more in my entire life. God, you probably hate me."
"Are you crazy?" Reece pulled back, his gold eyes searching mine. His hands never left me and I refused to let go of him for even a moment. I sniffed, laughing at his face.
"How could you ever still want to be with me?" I said. Reece reached up a hand to wipe away a tear.
"Vinnie I could never possibly hate you." Reece said. "I fall in love with you every time I see you or think of you. I can't help falling in love with you." I slid my hands back to his neck, staring into his eyes. At the same moment we leaned in.
 We kissed for the first time in weeks, months, I forgot how time worked when he kissed me. His lips left mine for a moment as we both took a breath, his hands moved over and he froze on my stomach. I don't even know how he didn't notice when he hugged me. Reece stepped back.
His face of joy changed into that of anger.
"Reece..." I began.
 "Is this why you left?" He asked heatedly.
"I- yes. But it's more than that." I tried to explain. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted the small family leaving the park. Reece clenched his hands into fists.
"You cheated on me?!"
"What?!" I cried, taken aback by his accusation.
"I can't even believe this." Reece snapped.
"Are you insane?! God Reece, they're yours. I'd never kissed anyone before you, hell I was a virgin until that night, remember? We were both really drunk?" I shouted, my own feelings getting the better of me. Thankfully the park was empty. Or it was until a familiar voice came running up.
 "Are you seriously paranoid enough to think I'd cheat on you?! I love you! I only love you!" I cried. Reece froze, unable to respond. Josh came racing up. Reece took my hand suddenly.
"Vinnie, I-"
"Hey, he giving you trouble?" Josh asked, stepping up. God why Josh, I thought, Why now?!
"Excuse me how about you mind your business." Reece said sharply. Josh placed his hand on Reece's wrist.
"How 'bout you back off." Josh said threateningly.
 The two stared at each other challengingly.
"Josh, I don't need your help. Just go home." I said gently.
"You know him?!" They said in sync. Josh's eyes widened and he yanked Reece's hand off of me. Oh no, there was no way this was ending well.
"This is him isn't it? Your ex?" Josh said.
"He's not my ex." I said.
"I'm not her ex." Reece narrowed his eyes at Josh, I could already tell he didn't like him.
 "Look buddy, I think you oughta leave her alone. She's been struggling for months no thanks to you." Josh snapped. Reece looked like he was trying his damnedest to not kill him.
"And 'buddy' I think you should butt out. What is happening between us does not concern you simple little mind." Reece said, getting up closer.
"Reece, go easy." I pleaded. Reece gave a loving glance my way and I felt my heart flutter.
"I know your type Reece." Josh said. "Talk big talk, but you can't fight for shit."
"Oh really?' Reece laughed, but his serious composure took over again. "Listen, I'm going to say this one more time. Butt out of things you can't and don't understand."
"Josh." I said softly. He looked at me, his blue eyes full of hurt.
"Thought we had something Vinnie." Josh said. Reece stiffened, I took his hand.
"We didn't."
 Josh turned heel and left in a huff of anger. Reece put a hand on my hip, pulling me closer. He pressed his cheek on mine.
"I'm so sorry." He said. "For not finding you sooner."
"No, I'm sorry. I just left you. I was too afraid to go to you." I sighed. Reece kissed my cheek and walked around me to face me. He looked a little unsure.
"I never stopped looking for you." He said, gold eyes clouding over.
"And I never stopped wishing you'd come." I smiled. He looked down at my stomach.
 He placed a careful on my belly. Reece smiled up at me, a real genuine smile.
"We're gonna have a baby." He said.
"Twins." I corrected. His eyes widened in surprise but softened when they met mine. Reece straightened and pressed a soft kiss on my lips.
"Come on, I should get back." I said. He looked confused but I took his hand and led him down the path to Alexa and Tony's place.

 Needless to say they were both shocked when I came in the door with Reece. Tony looked very nervous and Alexa looked a little scared. Reece, thankfully was friendly and expressed his gratitude to Tony who looked like he was going to pass out. Alexa lightly suggested if the two of us wanted to talk in private and swept her boyfriend off into the living room. I led Reece into the small room I was staying in. He sat down on the bed I walked up to him and he placed on his hand on my stomach.
 "I still can't believe this is happening." Reece said.
"That you're going to be a father very soon or that you're actually touching me and in front of me." I said with a weak smile, wanting to just collapse into his arms.
"Both." Reece chuckled.
"You sure you forgive me?" I whispered.
"Of course. And, you don't have to tell me now, but what happened?" Reece asked. I placed my hand on his shoulder for support. I nodded.
"I can tell you now." I sighed. "It started when I found out I was pregnant. I was so scared, so afraid that you'd leave me. And when I went out to tell Lauri, she was.." I trailed off. Reece squeezed my hand, assuring me that he was there. Wiping my eyes I continued the story, leaving out the kiss between Josh and I. I got up to present day.
"Two days ago I came back from the beach and Scarlett's boyfriend was there. She'd always mention how he was going to come stay with us for awhile." I said.
"And?" Reece raised an eyebrow.
"She's with Koran." I whispered. His eyes widened in shock and then narrowed to anger.
"Did he touch you? Did he hurt you, or them?" Reece asked frantically. I shook my head. He pulled me into a hug.
"Don't worry, I'm here now. He'll never come near you again." Reece said

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