Sunday, January 4, 2015

Chapter Thirty-Six

 I forced myself to be happier and try and forget everything that happened before I moved in with the twins. Part of that was getting closer to Josh. Both Edalyn and Scarlett eagerly agreed that I should have more friends, but I was so scared to leave the house to much. What if someone saw me and ran back to Bridgeport to tell God knows who. And there was another new problem: I was showing. In light of this Scarlett decided it was up to her to give me a "Maternity Makeover", as she called it. 
"So have you thought of any names?" Scarlett asked as we walked the main strip.
"Not really, I also don't know the gender." I failed to mention that part of me was still hoping to find my way back to Reece before the birth.
"That doesn't matter, you gotta have options." She stopped in front of a pricey-looking boutique. I considered a few things on the rack to make it seem like I was interested in shopping.
"Oooh! What's that?" Scarlett leaned forward, gushing over a dress in the window. It didn't seem all that special in my eyes, sure it was cute but a little revealing. A figure in the distance caught my eye and I looked up. I tuned out Scarlett's voice and felt my stomach twist as I recognized the face. Scarlett pressed her face against the glass.
"Hey I'm gonna look down there real quick okay?" I said, sliding my arm out of hers.
"Yeah, yeah go." She waved me off without a second glance and I hurried down the street.
"Hi Abbey." I said. I hadn't seen her in over a year, seeing as I stopped going to school after the 'incident' with Maria and Koran. 
"What are you doing in Los Aniegos? And what happened to you, you just disappeared off the face of the planet!" My ex-best friend squealed. She acted as if nothing had ever happened between us, like she didn't stab Kaya and I in the back for popularity's sake.
"It's so good to see you again!" She threw her arms out as if to hug me.
I pulled back, a defensive hand on my stomach.
"Look Abbey-" I started. Abbey's eyes zeroed in on my hands, or what they were covering at least.
"Oh em gee! Are you pregnant? Who knew it'd be you to get knocked up first, I figured it might've been me. I mean, Kaya maybe but I never expect you to be the one-night-stand pregnancy." She rattled off with a laugh. In her usual way of words in stung more than she thought.
"It wasn't a one night stand. It was my boyfriend and we...wait why am I even telling you this?"
"Boyfriend? Vinnie in all our years you've never once had a boyfriend! Who, who?!" She was jumping up an down with excitement. I sighed and decided to just tell her.
"Reece who? Not Hawkwood, I assume."
"Uh, yes Hawkwood." My mind began to drift back to him and I forced it to the present.
"Holy shit what? Reece Hawkwood? You and Reece Hawkwood screwed?" The disbelief was clear on her face. I wanted to slap it off. Forcing my temper down I spoke again.
"Yes Abbey."
"Oh God, I have to tell Mar-"
"No!" I cried. "Don't tell anyone. Please."
My sudden outburst startled her. I sighed.
"Look I have to go, my friend is waiting for me." I said, turning to leave.
"Wait, I haven't seen you in months!"
"Good, and you won't see me again." I snapped.
"What? When you get back to Bridgeport we can all get together again; you, me, Kaya, Lauri-"
"No. We can't." I clenched my hands into fists at my sides.
"Why not?"
"I'm not going back to Bridgeport, and Lauri is dead." I hissed turning to go back to Scarlett. Abbey stood in a stunned silence as I walked away. Scarlett had two bags in her hands and I grabbed her arm, pulling her back to the car.

The last thing I needed was for my past to catch up with me.

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