Friday, August 22, 2014

Chapter Thirty-Four

My entire day was spent looking at cities within thirty miles, specifically ones where I thought she would go. Maybe a small town, less people to know about her, or maybe a big city, someplace she could disappear. But what if she changed her appearance? Dyed her hair, wore contacts, everything seemed like an 'if'. The door behind me slid open quietly, but not quietly enough.
"Go away Dad, I'm working." I said sharply.
"Are you though?" A very feminine voice said.
I stopped typing immediately. I'd known that voice my whole life, I didn't need to turn around to see it. My hands shook as I pulled them away from the keyboard.
"Get. Out." I growled. She didn't move.
"Can we talk?" Maria asked.
"Talk?!" I shouted, standing up and shoving the chair away.
"Talk about what Maria?! The way you tried to murder my girlfriend? Or how about the way she's missing right now and her aunt is dead, which was probably your fault!" I clenched my hands into tight fists.
"You're still hung up on her? God, you always were stubborn." She sighed angrily.
"Hung up on her? I love her you heartless bitch!" I snapped. Maria tensed, and she had the guts to look hurt. She crossed her arms.
"Why couldn't you ever just do what you were supposed to!" She cried.
 "And what would THAT be?" I shouted, throwing my arms up.
"I'm guessing you never told her. Told her about us!"
"Us?" I inhaled sharply, dropping my arms. "There never was an us."
"Are you sure? What about when we were kids, best friends, what about when we were engaged." She screamed. My eyes widened, I was surprised that she even knew about that.
"No, we were not. Did I ever ask you to marry me? No, our parents set that up." I said, steadying my voice. She couldn't possibly believe I wanted to marry her.
"I just want things to be how they're supposed to be, like when we were kids and you always wanted to spend time with me and talk to me." Maria's voice broke. 
"How are things supposed to be Maria, how?"
 Maria came up and my face down to hers, kissing me fiercely. I was too shocked to move for a moment before regaining my composure and pushing her roughly away. The room was silent as
a sob escaped her throat.
"I love you!" She cried. "Why can't you just love me?"
I turned away from her, pressing my hands down on the table trying to keep my anger under control. The edges of the table creaked under my fingers.
"Get out." I said shakily.
"But Reece-"
"No. Get out, and if I ever see you again don't think I won't kill you." I mumbled, just loud enough for her to hear. Maria said nothing as she fled the room, hesitating at the door for just a moment. Before she left, I may have imagined it, she whispered, "I love you." As the door shut I threw a mug across the room, shaking as it shattered against the wall.

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