Monday, July 15, 2013

Chapter Seventeen

"Reece, stop pacing." Axel said from his spot on my bed. "It's not going to make this guy work faster."
I shot him a dirty look and he just rolled his eyes.
"Well it should." I snapped, "The longer it takes for him to do this, the faster she dies!"
"You're blowing this way out of proportion. She's not dead." He jumped off the bed.
"Oh really? She could be! Do you not know how many people have something against her?!" I shouted, my temper spiraling out of control. 
"What Maria? You don't honestly think she could of done this?"
"But she could of! What about Koran?! He nearly killed her a few weeks ago! And my dad! That bastard cares more about our family lineage than me!"
"I'm sure he cares more about you, you're his only son." Axel pointed out.
"It doesn't seem like it. How do your parents feel about you dating a human?" 
"They aren't bothered. That much. I mean my dad is a little bit but...he's that kind of guy." He shrugged. I sighed and headed towards the door.
"Maybe I should give up. Maybe not seeing her dead body will lessen all of this pain." I murmured. Axel grabbed my arm.
"Are you fucking insane?! She needs you! And you obviously need her!" He turned me around and placed both hands on my shoulders.
"We're gonna find her. Now...go get some sleep. I can tell you haven't slept for days." Axel gave a weak smile before saying goodbye.
I collapsed on my bed.
 And let sleep take over.


Where the hell am I? Four white walls surrounded me, nothing but empty space.
"Turn around." A voice called.
"V-Vinnie?" She looked perfectly healthy. And still beautiful as ever. I ran over and pulled her into my arms.
When we kissed the sparks were still there, making my head spin. I lifted her up.
She ran her fingers through my hair. 
"Oh Reece, I've always been okay. I never disappeared. That was all a dream." Vinnie said, her green eyes shining.
I kissed her again, almost as if to make sure she was really here. She looked the same, felt the same, even smelled the same.
Suddenly we were both on top of a stone altar, kissing heavily. Every...everything was a dream. She's not dead. She's here.
I moved my lips down to her soft neck and kissed her roughly.
"Reece...stop...that hurts." She moaned. How could it hurt, I was only kissing her.
"Oh Vinnie..." I murmured. Her body went limp in my arms.
"Vinnie?" I pulled away from her neck.
"N-No." Deep gash marks were on her neck. I wasn't kissing her...I bit her.
"Vinnie I'm sorry I didn't mean to." She didn't respond. My heart dropped. She was dead. I killed her.
I pulled her into my arms.
"Vinnie don't be...please don't leave me!" I shook her, hopeless trying to wake her up. Nothing worked. I let go of her, her body dropping onto the stone. I stepped backwards, shaking.
I sat up quickly, pulling out of the dream. My head dropped into my hands. I fell apart, sobbing. Everything's wrong! None of this was supposed to happen!
 The agony of the thought that she was gone hurt too much. I wanted to kill myself. That way I could be with her. Not here, this hell hole that I call my life.
"If Blu doesn't find her by tomorrow, I'm ending it. Everything." I muttered. I heard a sigh from outside my door but I ignored it.
I already knew who was there.


  1. Oh man, what a freaky dream. Poor Reece.

  2. Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog (through ChickenSmoothie actually) And, I was very intrigued. A brilliant premise and I applaud you for keeping such a fantastic story going. Very nice. I would love a twist in the storyline where Reece perhaps goes to a psychic and she decodes his dream (tells the meaning behind it) (Perhaps it is because he feels that he killed her by not being by her side 24/7?) Thanks for a great read and I will definitely read again.

    If you care to, check out my blog, it is mostly poetry. Although I would love to swap writings sometime. Check me out and send me a PM on CS (my username is Kizzy42) or comment on my blog. (My blog url is:

    1. Hello! Oh I'll definitely check out your blog and send you a pm! :)

  3. Poor Reece. That was a sad, and freaky dream. :(

  4. Oh poor Reece!! He needs to find her soon or I think he might do something stupid!!

  5. What a weird dream... I don't understand why he hasn't admitted that he knows where she is... I don't know what Maria needed him to do to her, but it was him...

  6. Woah! Poor Reece is so ridden with guilt. :( Hopefully, they'll find him soon and he won't kill himself!