Sunday, June 30, 2013

Chapter Ten

"So what's on your mind missy?" Lauri crossed her legs. 
"Well, I uh...I have a boyfriend." I said quickly. Lauri sat silently. Did I say something wrong?
"I know kiddo." Lauri said, a smile creeping onto her face.
"Oka-WAIT WHAT." I shouted.
"Calm down Vinnie." She laughed and waved her hand dismissively. "I am a girl if you didn't notice and I was your age once, you know, 4 years ago."
"That doesn't mean-" I started to say but Lauri held up her hand.
"I see the way you stare off into space, and I'm going to guess he's the reason you've been coming home so late." She cast a suggestive glance my way. I blushed fiercely.
"NO! It is not like that!" I exclaimed. I looked at my toes.
"I know, I know." Lauri put a hand on my shoulder. "So who is he?"
"You don't know him..." I murmured.
"Spill it."
"Well his name is Reece Hawkwood and he's really special to me and I think I love him." All the words tumbled out in a knot. Lauri retracted her hand.
"Hawkwood?!" She hissed.
"Do you know anything about his family?" 
"No, he doesn't seem to like his family." I didn't mention his uncle who had attacked me a few days ago.
"Sweetheart, his father is a murderer. He killed his own wife." My eyes went wide.
"Now it isn't my place to tell you about other people's problems but that boy is damaged." Lauri said, resting her head against her hand.
"You don't know that." I whispered. Lauri stood up and walked over to the window.
Our cat jumped up beside me. He pawed at my jacket.
"Stop it Church." I mumbled. I brushed off the cat and stood up. Lauri walked over to me.
"Vinne, if he's special, go for it. But don't say that I didn't warn you." She put her hand softly on my shoulder. "Okay?"
"Okay." I replied, lifting my head.
"Good. Now I have work to do." Lauri sauntered off to the bedroom. I pulled out my phone and sent a text to Reece.
Vinnie: Did you talk to your dad?
Reece: Yeah I did.
Vinnie: How did it go.
Reece: Great.
I smiled. Things were looking up. 


  1. Oh my. I'm glad Lauri was understanding, and her warning was good too. That would be scary to date someone with a father like that.

  2. I hope she heeds the warning...I smell trouble coming her way if she continues to date him.

  3. First, she's lying to him, which doesn't help. Secondly, Reece is a little young and it sounds like there are more powerful vampires out there. They could be in serious trouble. :( Will read more later. Right now, I gotta try to get my next chapter written. :)

  4. Well,Lauri is a better person than I. I would probably forbid her from seeing him... At least I would have over-reacted that she was attacked. I'm protective like that I guess. :P

    And it is EXACTLY like that Miss Vinne. lol